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America’s Most Fashionable Men


There is nothing sexier than a perfectly fitted suit on a dapper gentleman. The smell of his Italian leather shoes alone is enough to make most ladies swoon. Fashion forward men are connoisseurs of luxury, and have graduated to share their female counterparts’ appreciation for designer clothing.

We surveyed over 13,000 SeekingMillionaire members and asked: Where are the most fashionable men in America? The results spotlight only the most refined and swanky locales.


10. Los Angeles, CA

Home to the stars of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, this coastal gem boasts red carpet and celebrity style. For the man that wants to flaunt the vintage look, Clade has a cache of beachy, distressed menswear. If surfer chic isn’t his forte, timeless elegance is available at quality spots like Unis. The men in LA are constantly bombarded with high end couture. With showrooms for designer staples like Alexander McQueen and Gucci, the LA gent needs to have his wallet handy to keep up with these price points.

9. Columbus, OH

Central Ohio’s capital city is a tight knit society. Sweaters and scarves dominate the apparel of the men here with bold patterns and prints. As a hub for the fashion industry, Columbus contains the headquarters of brands like Express and Abercrombie & Fitch. These gentlemen aren’t afraid to sport hipster trends, and boutiques like Milk Bar and Tigertree lay the foundation for Columbus style. Milk Bar even features cocktail mixers with elite industry legends in attendance.

8. New York City

Manhattan takes the eighth spot on our list, but that’s not to say New York gents have lost their urban flair. Mostly known for desirable designers like Louis Vuitton, who has three locations on the isle, the city is teeming with progressive, underground shops like Odin. NYC defines designer chic paired with daring statement pieces, so men here rarely hold back their eccentricity.

7. Providence, RI

On the water, and only a train ride from the style meccas of Hartford and Boston, Rhode Island also has a passionate fashion culture. Providence is where ivy league meets creative genius. It’s home to Brown University and the exclusive Rhode Island School of Design, so the younger crowd gets hooked on the trends of wealthy elite. Pea coats and windbreakers are common, but exquisite tailored suits are also available from custom clothier Marc Allen, located in the heart of Downcity. This state might be the smallest in our nation, but they have big brio in their outfits.

6. Savannah, GA

Men in Savannah are guaranteed a perfect fit. The staff at high end shops like John B. Rourke carry the latest trends for the quintessential southern gentleman, and make measuring their clientele a requirement. Suits with pastel accents and classic fits are the fundamentals of southern fashion, with several locally owned shops offering exclusive designer merchandise. These men are inclined to take their sweet time in the store, and have a glass of iced tea while they browse.

5. Hartford, CT

Proximity to the water and a nautical culture make boat shoes and shorts a staple in Hartford. Less frat boy and more successful sailor, these men golf in designer polos and turn preppy into downright sexy. If he’s not sporting Sperry’s on a yacht, he’s probably pulling the latest line off the rack at Daswani & Sons, in the West Hartford fashion district. With vogue at all boarders, these men absorb the influences of greater New England and thrive.

4. San Francisco

This city is ideal for the stylish man who refuses to compromise his individuality. With time-honored Italian designers available in every neighborhood, as well as contemporary gentility, this wharf harbors the perfect mix of fads. Union Square is home to premiere brands with bespoke options like Levi’s, featuring an entire jean customization level. Similarly, an entire denim workshop is showcased at Self Edge. The fabulousness of the Bay area’s prevalent LBGT community is clearly rubbing off on these trendsetters.

3. Austin, TX

Austin takes the third spot on our list, proving itself as more than a scene of music and cowboys. Featuring the amazing selection and elite trunk shows of George Austin, as well as established personal stylist Tom James’ premier location, Austin hosts many well-dressed beaus. Rack styles as well as custom drapes are on every corner, so finding a millionaire dropping a few stacks at a local shop like Capra & Cavelli is quite common.

2. Boston, MA

Being second best won’t be easy to these competitive gents, but their style is deserving of a very honorable mention. Jeans and sportswear are their signature, like that of Italian designer, Riccardi. Uncommon fashion pioneers like Steven Alan and  Alan Bilzerian operate boutiques where trendy meets casual. By carefully blending straight-laced style with curated clothes, it’s obvious why this city is one of the most fashion forward.

1. Chicago

With the third largest metropolis in the US, Chicago boasts freezing conditions, and subsequently fabulous winter wear. From the urban street flare of RSVP Gallery, to the vintage luxury of Haberdash, these men rock the most chic fads. Custom suit tailors pepper the streets of downtown, and Chicago is also home to personalized stylist startups like Trunk Club. These men like to look amazing, but not like they tried too hard. Our survey proves not only do they pay the most attention to detail, but they also spend the most money on their wardrobes.

Whether they’re picking up cuff links at Neiman, or pairing a pocket square and tweed blazer for vintage sophistication, our fine country easily contains the most fashionable men in the world.


Where have you found the most fashionable men?


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