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Arrangement Falls Short of Expectations


We received an email from a Sugar Baby this morning regarding a quite unsavory 2 day arrangement.

Apparently, her Sugar Daddy assured her that after flying her to LA, he would set her up in a plush resort, bestow her a minimum of 3 thousand dollars, and treat her to fine dinning and other luxuries.

According to this Sugar Baby, things didn’t turn out as planned. She says that after arriving in LA, she was picked up by the Sugar Daddy and told during their car ride that she would be lodging in a motel instead of a resort. Additionally, what he called a “quick lunch” was the closest thing she got to fine dining. She ended up using most of the five hundred dollars he gave her to pay for cab fare around the city, meals, and light shopping. When he didn’t answer his phone on the agreed day of departure, she had to arrange a cab ride all the way to the airport.

What can we learn from this?

Verify– You can’t put an insurance policy on an arrangement, but you can take steps to verify promises made. For example, if lodging at a resort or hotel is part of your arrangement, verify the bookings yourself.

Clarify– Be clear about what you want. Here’s a trick: repeat the keywords involved with your expectations several times during your correspondence. For example, if you expect to see your Sugar Baby wearing the red dress she wore in her profile picture, ask her if it would be possible. If she agrees, then remind her subtly yet often by repeating “red dress”, “special outfit”, “bring the picture to life” or other creative keywords or phrases related to your expectation.

Communicate– Maintain open communication during the entirety of your arrangement. If you experience difficulty communicating with your date, or worse, that your date is lying to you, than use common sense judgment in deciding to continue an arrangement with them.

Let’s open this topic up. We know many of you have been there before, so if you wouldn’t mind, share some of your thoughts here.

Happy Dating!

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  2. RedEye says:

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  4. Dating Life says:

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  5. BoлшэбникЪ says:

    Хорошо! Все бы так писали :)

  6. hjkrteioyu says:

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  7. Георгий says:

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  8. want2bpamper says:

    That’s ashamed and very unfotunate for her that it happen that way..I had offers to go visit out of my state and this is one of the reason why I’m very hesitant..I mean you don’t want to seem like you don’t trust them by asking for the money upfront or make them think your a scammer ,but at the same time you don’t want to end up like this sugarbaby did her whole time was wasted..it’s like a win lose situation..It needs to be a better way..trust is the whole issue here and it’s very hard she trusted him and he betray her…on the other side many sugardaddies got scam where they gave money upfront and a no show.I just wish they were a better solution to all of this..What else can you do when you rely on trust..”shrug shoulders”

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