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Ditch That Deadbeat


The holidays are wrapping up, but that doesn’t mean cuddle season is ending too. Have you been snuggling up to Mr. Right, or have you come to the conclusion that your guy is a total deadbeat? Have no fear! The new year is the perfect time to ditch that dud for an upgrade in 2015.

Dating is fun, but it’s not all rainbows and butterflies for everyone. You’ll probably have to kiss a few frogs before Prince Charming can swoop you off your feet.

Ladies, take a minute to reflect on your exes. Are you cringing yet?  TLC said it best, “I don’t want no scrub, a scrub is a guy who can’t get no love from me!”

Forget about the ‘new year, new me’ resolution. Instead, focus on a new man who has a lot to offer in 2015.

Failure To Leave The Nest

“If you live at home with your mama, oh yes son. I’m talking to you.” -TLC

Going back to his place after an amazing night is always great. But, if he is unlocking the front door to the house he grew up in…run!  A recap of the evening won’t be very romantic if his mother is in the kitchen preparing the coffee. To make matters worse, try awkwardly hooking up in a twin sized bed as you stare at the array of baseball posters hanging on his wall.

If he takes you home, make sure his mom’s name isn’t the one on the deed. If you value privacy, you’ll get none while mommy is in the next bedroom.

Raise the bar, and keep your standards high. Your man doesn’t necessarily need to live in a mansion. An apartment would do just fine. Although roommates are negotiable, single living is certainly favorable. The fact that he lives on his own shows that he is independent, and enjoys privacy. It’s a major plus and much healthier for the growth of your relationship. Go to his place and have a grown up slumber party. You won’t have to deal with his lovely mother interrupting. Even if she has freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

No Car, No Love!

“If you don’t have a car and you’re walkin’, oh yes son. I’m talking to you.” -TLC

What about the guy with potential who asks you out on what seems to be an amazing date- and hits you with a whammy! We all yearn to hear the words “I’ll pick you up at 7.” But what if he asks you for a ride instead? Or in my experience, shows up to your doorstep with no driver’s license, a vespa, and an extra helmet!

Unless you are whipping through Italy, that is totally unacceptable! Ladies, if that helmet doesn’t complement a Sportster, get into your car and drive away as fast as you can.

You can literally go places with a man in a car. Don’t waste an ounce of your gas picking up a deadbeat, even if he offers to fill your tank. A reliable means of transportation is a must. Go for a classy man with good taste in cars. Lamborghini’s are lavish…but Cadillacs are nice too. Refuse to settle! No matter how good looking he is. You need a man who can open the car door for you, not hand you a 30 day bus pass.

Broke As A Joke With No Where To Go

“Wanna get with me with no money oh no, I don’t want no…” -TLC

Imagine you’re on a dinner date with a sweet guy. He’s very handsome and quite the charmer. The waiter drops the bill and your date slides in a gift card. No biggie…until he goes into panic mode because the gift card comes back with insufficient funds. So now you’re forced to pick up the tab for a twenty-five dollar check. Sounds pretty tragic, right? Unfortunately I was once a victim of this scenario. Learn from me, and don’t allow this to ever happen to you! If he can’t afford the two for 20 deal at Applebee’s, lose his number forever!

Hate to break it to you, but charm school simply won’t suffice. If he can’t even support himself, there’s no way he will be able to provide for you. A man with an education, and a good job to match is certainly a keeper. A degree from an Ivy League school would be superior, but not mandatory.

A well educated man will take your relationship to new heights. Search for intellect, chances are he will have an impressive resume to back it up. Ambition is a must, if he lacks it, there’s no hope.

Don’t get caught in the trap of good looks and charm, the pair will only keep your attention for so long. There are plenty of successful men out there to choose from. Go for an accomplished entrepreneur or an executive of a big firm. Whatever you do, don’t give a moocher the time of day.

Out With The Old, In With The New

Take the ultimate stand and make deadbeats a thing of the past. You deserve someone who will complement you as a person. Not someone who will fail to meet your level of expectations. Your man should be as fabulous as you are, never settle for less.

When will you begin your search for an upgrade?

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