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Millionaire Dating: What Not to Do from the Real Housewives


Any aspiring millionaires will admit that The Real Housewives franchises are a guilty pleasure. What women doesn’t love to see that these women are just like you and I. On SeekingMillionaire, women are vetted through a 5 point proprietary system to assure they have all the qualities that millionaires prefer. Alas, traditional dating isn’t as easy. There are quite a few things that women aspiring to live the “Housewife Lifestyle” can learn from the past and current cast. Most importantly, what you shouldn’t do.

Don’t cheat and try to get away with it

Kyle Richards made waves dispersing advice to women on how to handle a cheating incident based on experiences on the show. However, Kyle’s “don’t ask don’t tell” attitude towards cheating is a big no-no in the millionaire dating scene. A lack of honesty is a big deal-breaker for successful men. Kyle may think that by saying “another housewife” was the adulterous one, that no one will catch on. But I’m pretty sure we all know what she’s really saying…

Don’t overcompensate.

Heather Dubrow from the Beverly Hills installment of Housewives tried to establish dominance in the relationship by belittling her husband. At times in front of their children. It’s clear that Heather tried to compensate to show that she controlled a part of their relationship. The temptation is hard to resist, but women who are aspiring to nab a millionaire should avoid this. Remember that no man, rich or poor, enjoys being emasculated on national television. Particularly if he’s giving you the world and more.

What are other don’ts that aspiring millionaire daters should know?

Do you keep up with any of the Housewives franchises?

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