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Sex Advice for the Successful Woman


Women have long fought to earn an invitation to the power lunch. As anyone who has gained a high net worth would tell you, success can bring additional challenges. Every woman wants to have it all, but can ambition and sexual satisfaction exist in the same relationship?

A recent study by SeekingMillionaire.com revealed that 74 percent of successful women are having not only less sex, but are also generally less satisfied than the average woman. About 60% less!


Here’s how to spread the love of success back into the bedroom…

1. Have a fling

It’s all fine and good to keep an eye out for the ideal match. However, that doesn’t mean every guy you bring home has to be marriage material. A fling is a great way to release your inhibitions. And remind any successful woman of the power we have over our own sex lives.

2. Speak up

The plague of insufficient communication isn’t reserved to the successful. Women everywhere are still timid about voicing their wants and needs in the bedroom. Keep this in mind: In the workplace, it is imperative to communicate to accomplish goals. In this case, the goal of sexual satisfaction…or at least an orgasm.

3. Necessary roughness

We’re not talking ala 50 Shades of Grey here. Rather, about how you approach when and where to have sex. Not everything has to fit in its proper place. When things start to heat up, find the nearest place to take advantage. Spontaneity mixed into anything always makes it even better.

Are you a successful woman? How do you feel about your sex life?

What challenges do successful women face in the bedroom?

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