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The Luxe Holiday Gift Guide


With the holidays in full-swing, it’s time to start making your list… and checking it twice!

We know that there are some men who appear to have everything from the multimillion dollar home, to accessories crafted by designers you couldn’t pronounce if you tried. What’s a girl to do?

We’ve put together some holiday gift ideas to help you surprise your special man with something so good- he’ll be shocked he didn’t think of it himself!

1. The Eco Friendly Type


 TOMS Embroidered Velvet Skull Slipper ($95)  
 TOMS Natural Perforated Leather Slip-On ($115) , Both available via Neiman Marcus

The eco-friendly guy is likely to wear his heart (or wallet) on his sleeve. He’s the type who purchases goats for an economically disadvantaged family or builds a water well by hand for an entire village. Yet you have to admit, he cleans up well. To meet this holiday fix, we suggest paying attention to his wardrobe. Does your mister rip through jeans like a box of kleenex? Does he favor comfy linen pantsuits to stiff wool blends? These are the questions you must ask yourself to hone into this guys “vibe”.

2. Mr. Hipster Chic



Jan Leslie Sterling Silver Stag-Head Cuff Links ($450)

Jan Leslie Treasure Chest Cuff Links (There’s 24k gold inside!) ($595), Both available via Neiman Marcus

With notoriety growing, we could not neglect the humble (or not so humble) hipster. This guy emits style without batting an eye. He’s spent years building up his prized vinyl collection and believes that no outfit is complete without a quirky accessory of some sort. To keep your man feeling like he’s the Simon-to-your-Garfunkel, caress his taste by contributing to his collection of accessories. Avoid complicated items like french-cuffed shirts or pants that come in a variety of hems and colors. This type tends to be particular about making sure he’s dressed a certain way. For example, those questionable shoe and sock combos that clash yet oddly work at the same time.

It takes true dedication to stay on top of a style that requires the aversion of embracing current style!

3. The “Flashy” Type


Giuseppe Zanotti Chain and Zipper High-Top Sneaker ($1125), Available for pre-order via Bergdorf Goodman 

This guy is all about getting noticed. He wants the showy car, the big house and the attractive lady (you!) by his side. The biggest commitment in his life is remaining a true fashion devotee. The trouble with trends? They undoubtedly come at a high price. What receives blessing as “highfashion” holds liable to come and go at the wisp of the Fashion Police giving a quick “haute” or not.

And as mom always says, if you must ask the price ….

Luckily there is a cheat for attempting to satisfy Mr. Razzle-Dazzle. He likely has a personal stylist. Use her. She can tell you what he’s been on the prowl for, while providing all of your man’s sizes at ease. Done and done!

 4. The Wandering Traveller


Longchamp Boxford Travel Bag ($320), Available via Bloomingdales

Seeing as many people, places and things come and go from this gents life, it’s sweet to give a gift that feels like a little bit of home. Consider something practical that leaves him longing for more than a quick parting gift. Take a peek at his travel necessities. You’ve likely trotted the globe with this fellow once or twice. Key items such as the carry-on bag or his trusty international phone adaptor invoke a sense of preparedness on his whimsical trips. Want to take his gift to the next level? Consider leaving a hidden little something (think lace undies or a silk scarf) spritzed with your perfume in one of the pockets. When he discovers the surprise on his next bon voyage, this is sure to cause a spark!

 Put A Bow On It


Nippies Bristols Six Gold “Stella” Nipple Covers ($25),  Available via Journelle.com

 If you’re reading this list, there is a certain someone out there who can’t get enough of you!

That’s right, Y.O.U.

Go for that strip aerobics class you’ve considered taking. This is a great way to brush up on a variety of sexy new moves to amaze your guy with. Top it off by ordering something racy and revealing from my personal favorite, Journelle.com which features everything from bling-ed out nippies to barely there brassieres. Lastly, no gift is complete without a proper bow. Wrap yourself in a big red ribbon and let him really go crazy! Your man totally deserves it!


What would you add to our holiday list?

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  1. Richard W says:

    Great list! It’s always hard to buy gifts for someone that has everything. I love the Mr Hipster Chic cuffs, really quirky!

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