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The Unlikely Qualities of Millionaires
  • Posted Dec 16, 2014


There are a variety of attributes associated with millionaires. We’ve seen them depicted in films, such as The Great Gatsby and The Wolf of Wall Street. All Leonardo renditions aside, the wealthier sort are more complex than we presume. Here are four unlikely qualities of a millionaire:


The entertainment industry has certainly done a great job of highlighting stories about eccentric millionaires who throw galas and socialize with the rich and famous, but that personality type is more standard to storytelling than reality. Millionaires can be introverted. Consider a self-made millionaire, it’s likely they’ve spent a tremendous amount of time building an empire, leaving little time to share with the public. Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, was rumored to be on the quieter side.This may be hard to imagine when you consider all of the keynotes and speeches Jobs delivered. The former Apple CEO proves that millionaires are dynamic in their own distinct ways.


One might expect a millionaire to be wearing the latest from Lanvin or Maison Martin Margiela, but it’s more likely his ensemble was purchased from somewhere a little more attainable, like Nordstrom or J. Crew. It’s also possible that he (or she!) may not have a “passion for fashion.” Aesthetics are not always at the forefront of millionaires minds –  consider Donald Trump and his quiff…10 years after the debut of The Apprentice, and we still can’t understand how his hair is “styled.”


One doesn’t get rich by spending money; wealth comes by saving money. Millionaires may not spend as frivolously as one may expect them to. Don’t let their frugal ways discourage you; most of the wealthy are happy to spoil their loved ones, even if they don’t understand some of their desires. Millionaires typically spend on items they deem reasonable. For example, they may splurge on a home or car, but conversely skimp when debating between the difference in flying Southwest versus Delta.


Most millionaires have had their “eye on the prize” for a long, long time. They’re passionate, dedicated, and resilient, which makes them awesome lovers. A millionaire’s vigor is one of his/her most attractive traits. Understand that millionaires may not be able to share every moment with their partner, but when they can – it’s always worth it.

What unique traits do you see in most millionaires?

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  1. Herry linn says:

    Millionaires tend to be high achievers. With an abundance of achievement typically comes an abundance of energy. They frequently don’t need as much sleep and have a greater ability to focus on simple and complex issues, and have a tendency to draw conclusions towards resolution.

  2. S.K. Jangra says:

    I like the all four qualities mentioned above and agree with the writer but all the rich one can not be discribed in these four qualities there are a lots of discussion we can consider……..

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