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Three Places to Meet a Millionaire


Care to encounter a millionaire in his natural habitat? Chances are you won’t be taking up golf or getting floor seats at a Lakers game in order to do so. So besides the Internet, where do all the eligible millionaires hang out? Well, you’d be surprised.

One. In Flight.

Last year, SeekingMillionaire.com’s sister site, SeekingArrangement.com, conducted a study on Millionaire flying habits. When they aren’t flying the friendly skies on their private jets, millionaires are surely clocking countless frequent flyer miles. According to the study, the airline most frequented by millionaires is Delta.

Two. Charity Events. 

From non-profit galas to art gallery events, wealthy men tend to frequent charity events either as an obligation or as a passion for generosity. Snagging a ticket to a non-profit event isn’t too difficult, but if you don’t know a friend of a friend of a friend who can get you in, you can always try to join the wait staff?

Three. On the High Seas. 

No, not on a cruise ship, but perhaps in the harbor. Many wealthy men take up sailing as a hobby, so getting to know your way around the marinas and bodies of water where wealthy men dock their expensive vessels couldn’t hurt your chances. Think yacht, not pontoon.

Gentlemen: Are we right on the money? If not, where can you be found on an off day? 

Ladies: Where is the most random place you have encountered a millionaire? 

5 Responses to “Three Places to Meet a Millionaire”

  1. Jennifer says:

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  2. Mary says:

    I would really love to meet a millionare am young with good heart I don’t mind the age too bad I cant afford to hangout in those expensive places

  3. Girl2doorsdown says:

    I met a millionaire in a casual pub. He had his team out for dinner and drinks after a busy week on a Friday night.
    We dated once. He picked me up in his Porsche 911… Quite impressive to a girl of 20 and still studying at the time.

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  5. Dorothy says:

    This is really a nice and useful information that everyone want to know where he or she can meet a millionaire. After reading this post I got answers for many have confusions that I had before. Thanks for sharing.

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