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3 Day Weekends: The Difference in a Day
  • Posted Jul 1, 2014


We’ve arrived at the mid-summer 3 day weekend known as July 4th.   Expanding from the standard 48 hour break, an extended weekend is just what you need.  Opened invitations for barbeques, boating, and beer sit on your desk, but the debate always remains: “How should I enjoy this 72 hour break from reality?”

One day can make quite a difference in the overall success of a weekend, so it’s vital that you utilize your time wisely – here are some successful ways individuals spend their long weekend.

The Gleeful Getaway

A long weekend can be sweeter than a week-long holiday when executed correctly.  Whether you select a destination afar or just a road-trip away, this excursion should be all about relaxation.  Research spa and recreational packages prior to traveling.  Surprise your honey with a chilled bottle of champagne or chardonnay once you’ve reached your destination.  Don’t think too much about expenses while away.  After all, this is just a few days!

Sunny Staycation

An alternative to the getaway, a staycation can be just as relaxing and fun.  Dependent on where you live and the resources available, a staycation can be less stressful than dealing with airports and hotels.  The benefit of the non-travel factor helps to extend the life of relaxation.  However, one must truly commit to the staycation to fulfill the three-day weekend fantasy.  Avoid bills, dry-cleaning, and other responsibilities to fully remain tranquil on your staycation.  Try an extended bike ride or a new restaurant to change the pace of your weekend.


Although not as relaxing as the first two options, handling responsibilities over an extended weekend is rewarding and relaxing in its own right.  Managing personal business on your own unlimited clock provides the ultimate satisfaction.  Prioritize bills, errands, and personal tasks to not only organize, but also maximize your weekend time.  You finally have time to finish that looming project, and maybe even have a day of rest to spare.

Netflix Binge

Far less glamorous than physical traveling, Netflix is a trip for your mind.  Organize which mindless material you’d like to view and be sure to include stimulating material like a historical piece like Downton Abbey, or a documentary like Grey Gardens.   If you do choose to move forward with the Netflix binge, make sure you’re taking regular breaks to stay physically and emotionally active.

The goal of any of these options is to relax and mentally get ahead for ease of the future.

How do you like to spend your three-day weekends?

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