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A Wealthy Man’s Gift Guide
  • Posted Nov 20, 2013


“Thanks for the gift card!” said no millionaire, ever. In preparation for the holiday season, we conducted a Christmas survey that reveals what to get the man who truly has everything.

SeekingMillionaire asked generous male members to either “approve” or “disapprove” of a list of 25 common Christmas gifts. The top five results were then ranked according to the highest approval and disapproval rating given by the men:

Gifts Millionaires Love (According to 4,287 Millionaires Who “Approve”)

  1. Watches – 88 Percent
  2. Wine/Spirits – 81 Percent
  3. Cufflinks – 80 Percent
  4. Unique Experiences (Riding, Flying, etc.) – 76 Percent
  5. New Technology/Tools – 75 Percent

Gifts Millionaires Hate (According to 4,287 Millionaires Who “Disapprove”)

  1. Gift Cards/Gift Certificates – 96 Percent
  2. Cologne – 91 Percent
  3. Clothing – 89 Percent
  4. Books – 83 Percent
  5. Picture Frames/Photos – 77 Percent

“Millionaires have an appreciation for detail, which is why the majority favor accessories such as watches and cufflinks,” says Brandon Wade. “Avoid giving millionaires presents that involve preference. Gifts like cologne, clothing, and books often fall short because personal taste is so unique.”

Still stumped on what to get that special man in your life? StyleBlazer is releasing a gift-guide every Wednesday until Christmas to help you decide!


What are some of your favorite Christmas gifts that you have received? What were some of your least favorite gifts?

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