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A Woman Will Never Forget How You Treated Her
  • Posted Jun 11, 2014


Many men think that women don’t want to be treated with respect and maybe that is partially true, because nowadays women are not demanding R-E-S-P-E-C-T like they used to.  The game has changed.  Dating in the 21st century is demanding in different ways, but a woman will never forget the way you treated her.

Your words will never leave her.  She will remember the time you mentioned that her jeans were too tight and the time you criticized her mother’s meatloaf.  The times that you waited hours to call, blatantly ignored her, or choose your friends over her.  She won’t forget.

A woman will not forget when you were good to her, either.  Even if you end on bad terms, warm memories will occasionally fill her mind and heart.  She’ll recall the time you snuck a bottle of wine in the movie theater to make it a legitimate date, the first major holiday spent together, among other fun memories.  Thoughts of you holding the door, surprising her with a fresh bouquet of peonies, or wiping tears from her eyes will resonate for years.

Sometimes a woman will stay with a man who treats her poorly because she fell in love when he was pretending to be a gentleman.  Don’t do this to her: be the man your mother would want you to be.  There is no greater disappointment than someone who has let you down.

Don’t Let Her Forget You:

  • Randomly surprise her with her favorite candy
  • Assist her with daily errands and chores
  • Prepare a fine-dining meal at home for a special occasion

You have the option to treat a woman right or be alone.  Although most of us have heard the Rihanna cautionary tale told like a fable, she did ultimately leave Chris Brown.  The woman you want to be with will not put up with second rate, so don’t treat her as if she is.

A woman will give you 10x what you give her.  She’ll be conscientious that you like your sandwiches sans-crust and the way you secretly hate those all-work golf outings.  It’s a misconception that women want it all. Sure, maybe a gift here and there, but a simple “good morning beautiful” text is a sure-fire way to keep her happy on the regular.

Be sure to remain the confident man you have always been.  No woman fancies a doormat, especially when it’s her man.  Make compromises and genuinely forgive regularly.

What have you done for a woman that she will never forget?

2 Responses to “A Woman Will Never Forget How You Treated Her”

  1. curvy girl says:

    Wise observations and assessment. Women do love nice treatment and will talk about the good,the bad,and the ugly.

  2. curvy girl says:

    Wise observation and assessment. Women love nice treatment. Women will talk about the good, the bad,and the ugly.

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