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10 years ago

SeekingMillionaire.com is the leading dating website for millionaires, wealthy, rich, high-class, high-end, beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, pretty and sexy singles. This is our blog where we discuss issues, tips, suggestions, stories, etc. If there is a question or topic you would like us to address in our blog, please email us at: support (at) seekingmillionaire.com

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Sue says:

    I am a new member and I just want to know if this website is actually for real!

    Seriously, I have contacted at least a dozen men and not one reply – are they all that rude to not even thank someone for taking the time to send them an email?

    • Zorah Wright says:

      Hello Sue, yes, it is absolutely real. I can tell you that first hand. Many members have expressed that they take their time. I’m curious about your profile and what it states. Perhaps there are some things that would make it more effective for you.

  2. kathy says:

    UGLE,UGLEY………. pattie your not even close to being a super model your self. you wear underwear that shows of your ASS FAT. your face looks like a moose with to way to much make makeup. your husband to be YUUUUUUUUCK. WHERE DID YOU FINE HIM???? PUT HIM BACK IN THE RETIREMENT HOME YOU FOUND HIM IN. talk about old looking and ugly. Pattie i think you need a gym in your life. your look like you have a spare tire around your middle.The weman you pick for your millionar men are fake looking. fake teeth, hair,tits and smile. some of the dresses the weman wear are way to tight.less fat role look more slim look…. pattie you know most of the weman you choose for your show are gold diggers.if the guy has trust issues so what. so do the weman. all they see is dallor signs. your a real winner girlfriend……. NOOOOOOT.

    • Zorah Wright says:

      LOL- Kathy, are you serious? I’m sorry, but that is just too funny! I’m not sure what game show you are trying out for, but I’d hire you in a nano-second. :-)
      In all seriousness now, please let’s talk about what it takes to get what you want and how you can find what you are looking for. Consider all that you do and how it is going to align with your millionaire match.

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