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Building a Rich MENtality


Wealthy people earn their fortunes in different ways, but they do have one thing in common: a rich mindset. Perhaps you haven’t secured financial freedom. Not to fear! Here are a few tips to help modern wealth-seekers think lavishly.

Be Decisive

It’s easy to be hesitant, and refreshing to have someone take the lead. When details are fuzzy in business or casual dating, take the wheel. Pick the restaurant, make a reservation, and even mull over the menu so you have an idea of what you want. Wear something a little bit flashy. Show your counterpart how much they mean by dressing up, and doing it the right way.

Be Approachable

Binge watching Netflix has its appeal, but you’ll need to get out of the house for this one. Real networking isn’t done from your couch. Mingling is done with a smile, good posture, and of course, a winning personality. Get out of your comfort zone and discover like-minded people at a niche cooking class or a mixer for professionals like Tech Cocktail.

Be Engaged

I’m not talking about wifing up, I’m talking about being present. Ask questions, and make eye contact. Seven out of 10 workers hate their jobs. A loss of enthusiasm is to blame, so beat the odds by engaging! You can get connected with people and gain useful knowledge by being genuinely interested. Whether you’re folding clothes or endlessly writing blogs, there is fun to be had.

Be Self-Focused

Young adults are often labeled “self-centered.” This has negative overtones, and sounds more like selfish. According to psychologists, being self-focused in your 20s is an important part of ambition. This doesn’t mean fixating on likes and followers, but rather doing things that are in your best interest while moving confidently toward your goals.

Be a Goal Digger

With the New Year upon us, setting goals for the future should be on your mind. Figuring out your objective in the months to come can be tricky. Moving forward is be overwhelming, and finding someone to guide you will be a major asset. Seeking a mentor can help you make a smooth transition. The road to riches is paved with experience. All you need is a suitable coach.

Be Passionate

Passion is a combination of engaging, being self-focused, and digging your goals. The richest people are those who enhance their lives with passion. The rich mentality comes from having enthusiasm about your destiny. Seek what you enjoy, and success is sure to be close behind.

Earning six figures won’t happen overnight, but changing your mindset to reflect a more positive self image will!

Do you have any tips for achieving a rich MENtality? We would love to hear your stories.


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