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Casting Call: Members WANTED

10 years ago
Casting Call: Members WANTED

We’ve been getting a lot of contact from the press lately.

It turns out theres quite a bit of interest in millionaire daters, especially female millionaires.

A couple different networks have asked us for help in finding Wealthy and Attractive individuals to interview. The interviews will be for a reality show and a BBC documentary.

If your interested in being interviewed for a documentary, or featured on a reality show, leave a comment on our blog. Be sure to include your profile number or login email address in the body of your comment.

12 Responses to “Casting Call: Members WANTED”

  1. princessarian says:

    I would LOVE to be on a reality show… I am a full time sugar baby and part time model :)

  2. Сим says:

    Сейчас проверим…

  3. bathroom taps says:

    I love the way you sound so passionate about what you are writing. Keep up the great work!

  4. Particularlystock says:

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  5. Sabrina Fies says:

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  6. James says:

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  7. Chiropody stalybridge says:

    Added to my favourites list and added to my blogroll.

  8. Федор says:

    Хех… :) Почаще пишите смайлики, а то всё так как будто все очень серъёзно :)

  9. BaнXeлcинк says:

    Да уж Достаточно спорно, поспорил бы с автором…

  10. Dating Agency says:

    I am always searching online for information that can help me. Thank you.

  11. Leigh says:

    Glad to hear you are being contacted for a reality show. Get in touch if you require a fiery 38 year old Lass that looks like a 28 year old and has more life experience than a 48 year old~!

    Live, Love, Laugh~

  12. raquel says:

    i woul like be on your show,,,,please ,,thank,you

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