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Chivalry Is Not Dead


Some people claim they were born in the wrong decade. Sure, the 1950’s were swell, but living without Starbucks? And the 70’s were groovy, but I will take my iPhone over a pay phone any day.

If things were so great back then, nothing would have ever changed. Well change it did, and we’re left with guys who want to split the bill, and girls who wear tights as pants. In a time when girls don’t act like ladies, it’s hard for men to justify being gentlemen.

This makes it difficult for the true ladies who appreciate and expect a certain degree of politeness. Hopefully you’re already opening doors for her, and pulling out her chair before she sits. Perhaps I don’t need an escort to the washroom (that’s creepy), but there are some old style chivalrous moves that every man should rectify.

Keeping Your Word

A man is only as good as his word. Call when you say you’re going to call. If you need to reschedule a date, let her know the moment you find out and offer a sincere apology. This one ranks high for me, because failing to follow through falls in accordance with lying. While forgetting does happen, you are limited to one slip up.

Remember the Little Things

Forgetting things is similar to being inattentive and careless. So stop. Remember the days she has something important happening. If she likes old movies, make it a point to get her an Audrey Hepburn keepsake on your next trip. Maybe she aspires to be an actor or comedian, so take her to a show or the improv to prove you were listening.

Show Your Interest

Some men are on a mission to play it cool. Stop playing hard to get. The three day rule is a myth to help guys with no game seem unavailable and therefore desirable. Waiting for days to contact her causes you to lose momentum and her to consider other potentials. If you had a great time, leave the games to the players and call her.

Insisting Upon Paying

Lots of men are tired of always footing the bill for someone they may not ever see again. While this is a valid argument, not all ladies are seeking simply a free meal. When you pay for a meal, it’s not about the money. It can be a hotdog, or a six course smorgasbord. Regardless of the money spent, it’s the tradition that women value.

Come to the Door

It’s customary to offer your date a ride. Upon arriving at her house, knocking on the door is a must unless otherwise specified. When dating a twenty-something, he’ll just text me “here” when he’s outside. What if I fall and break my ankle while walking down my driveway in stilettos? You don’t want that on your conscience. This works for the end of the date as well. Walk her to the door, but don’t expect an invitation inside.

Bring the Car Around

Heels hurt. There is no such thing as a pump or wedge that does not make your feet throb after a night of walking. Offering to drop her off at the door, and then parking the car will lessen the burden before. To sweeten the deal after, propose bringing the car to her. She’ll remember it.

Introduce Her

Make her feel welcomed by introducing her. Being arm candy doesn’t mean I’m not a person worthy of a handshake. Don’t make her stand around while you small talk with a stranger, it’s just impolite.


It might seem like an ancient art, but the modern lady wants you to open her doors and court her properly. Taking a few minutes to be kind to her will land you a spot in her heart.


Any tips for chivalrous behavior?

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