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Cities with the Most Eligible Millionaires


There’s a lot of fish in the sea, but not a lot of blue fin tuna. If you want the creme de la creme of the single world, you’ve got to separate them from the pack. Luckily, we’ve done a lot of the groundwork for you. While you could probably guess that a lot of single millionaires reside in the likes of Los Angeles, New York and Miami…. we have figured out where you can find the MOST eligible millionaires in America. Single millionaires by the hundreds reside in these cities:

The Most Eligible Millionaires in America (Based on 89,503 Single Members with $1 Million Net Worth)

1.) New York, NY – 4,101

2.) Los Angeles, CA – 2,127

3.) Chicago, IL – 1,092

4.) Houston, TX – 1,038

5.) Dallas, TX – 966

6.) San Francisco, CA – 909

7.) Atlanta, GA – 687

8.) Miami, FL – 653

9.) Las Vegas, NV – 664

10.) Austin, TX – 543

So ladies, if you’re living in the middle of the country and have your heart set on marrying up, you might consider relocating for the best possible chances of bagging a wealthy man. But then again, the Internet sure makes it all that much easier to connect with prospective partners from a far.

How will you use this list to seek a richer love life?

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    Hi, Im looking for a nice guy which is above 60 yrs. old.

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