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Dating Deal Breakers for Millionaires



Everyone has standards and deal-breakers in dating. It’s how we measure whether a fling can evolve into a serious relationship or fizzle. We found the top dating deal breakers for millionaires.   


Some traits can send a man running straight for the hills, instead of the altar.  But millionaires are a whole other ball game. While beauty can mask a woman’s flaws for most men, there are some traits that even a millionaire can’t overlook.


Turns out being jobless Cinderella won’t land you a modern day Prince Charming.

The following are results from the poll which asked respondents, “What are your dating deal-breakers?” to successful male members with a starting net worth of $1 million.

1.       Being unemployed

2.       Being a “gold digger”

3.       Being a party-girl

4.       Limited social life

5.    Lack of education

If you’re unfamiliar with what a “deal breaker” is, these are traits that would make a millionaire reconsider pursuing a relationship with a woman.

An unemployed woman is a great liability. There are marriage-minded men on the site, as well as those millionaires just looking to date. For the latter, they’d rather not have the obligation of being a provider. A woman who is interested in finding a benefactor more than falling in love, is not the ideal partner for a millionaire. A millionaire needs a woman who brings something to the table, someone who give and not just takes.

What did you think of these deal breakers?

Do you have examples of when these deal breakers were true for you?

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