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Dating Outside Your Denomination


Religion and dating can be a complicated matter. We all want a partner who has similar beliefs and morals to our own, but does that necessarily mean religion is a key element in choosing a mate? Looking back on past relationships helped me realize that religion can absolutely make or break the potential for a relationship.

Open Up and Educate Yourself

Typically, many people do not know more than the basics when it comes to a religion other than their own. For instance, people bundle up Christianity into one large sector, when in fact you may insult someone if you mistake an element of their faith. If you’re dating someone new, of a different religion, educate yourself. Remember, Google is your friend. Try and leave judgment at the door if you can.

Have Honest DiscussionsLove

If marriage would require one partner to convert, is that something they are willing to do? Are you open to raising children in one primary faith, or possibly two? These are the sorts of honest questions you will need to discuss with each other. Don’t hold back. If you feel strongly about something you need to tell your partner early on. If you don’t, you may eventually regret it.

What if Family Objects?

If someones family is super religious, this may be your biggest obstacle to climb. I think many times people object out of a place of fear or the unknown. When it comes to family, listen and let them ask questions. Be patient. Religion can be a hot button issue, so remember to breathe. I would also like to think that on some level you would want to impress your partner’s family and let the real you shine. If you are composed and allow them to ask the tough questions, you will have no problem making the right impression.

Same Religion, Different Viewpoints

Working it outThis can be very tricky. Personally, I was raised Catholic but currently I am not practicing. If I were to date someone who was very strict about their faith, we would need to discuss what this would mean for me and for us. For instance, if anyone tried to force their beliefs on me, I would tell them to quickly find the door. I think tolerance is the key word here. If you and your partner have different stances on religion, simply be respectful. At the end of the day, religion isn’t what brought you together with your partner, other forces did.

Religion can be tricky when it comes to relationships, but it can also be something that binds two people together.

Have you ever experienced religion as a hurdle when dating someone?

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