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Desirable Fragrances for Successful People


Have you ever smelled a scent so delicious it simply caused you to stop in your tracks? Smells leave a lasting impact, in fact, studies suggest smell has a stronger impact than any other sense. Due to its close association with the olfactory nerve and amygdala, scent is strong associated with powerful memories.

National Fragrance Day is when men and women alike celebrate universal scents that drive us crazy. This is not limited to alluring perfumes or colognes, and the holiday also branches out to rooms enchanted with scented oils, potpourri, and the list goes on. The question is: can we place a price tag on fragrances that seduce, persuade and set an ambiance?

The clear answer to this question is yes. Regardless of whether someone is trying to close a business deal, score a second date or create an inviting home for guests, the right scent is more likely to stimulate all the sense.

A Lasting Impression

options for men

Believe it or not, some men spend upwards of $2,350 on one bottle of cologne. Although this is rare, it is warranted due to the ingredients thoughtfully and intricately placed in each bottle.

Pricier perfumes and colognes are more complex, and this is one of the reasons they boast all day wear. The components gently break down as the day goes on leaving the wearer always doused, sexy and ready for whatever surprises the day may set forth.

These concoctions are popular among business men and women who often cannot find a break between work and play. These high-end options are sure to compliment the wearer from the office to dinner, and even through an intimate nightcap.

A Solid Deal

turn ons

Looking to close a sales lead? If the deal is with a member of the opposite sex you are in luck. The right scent could land you thousands.

Try Rose

When looking to ease the nerves of suitors or colleagues, ladies should wear a rose scent. Rose aromas relieves tension and settles the mind. Meeting attendees will be able to remain focused, and less likely to drop the ball.

Try Ginger

You shouldn’t only be eating ginger for lunch, you should also be igniting a scented ginger candle or adding ginger potpourri to the conference room. This natural remedy will have everyone energized and ready to embrace the meeting, even past that 2 o’clock hump.

A Seductive Ambiance

scents that sell

Your home is the one place where you can control the entire mood. It’s only natural to aim for a sexy environment where people feel comfortable and even a little turned on –depending on the guest of course.

Fragrance lamps range from $50 to over $1000. Scents will be stronger, last longer and also come in stunning designs. They are perfect for setting the mood, and boasting the perfect conversation piece.

Whether you are looking to seduce someone, or seal a deal, make sure you choose the right high-end scent.  After all, you want to be seamlessly unforgettable.

What scents have worked in your favor?  

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