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Drinking and Dating


The first date. Besides being somewhat awkward, slightly nerve wracking and like a job interview, you need to look and act the part. This means ordering the right type of entree on the menu – something not too messy, expensive or complicated. You also want to seem like you have a refined palate. It’s like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, you want to make a choice that’s just right.

What about what drink to order? This can also be complicated. You want to come off knowledgeable about liquor, but not like a booze hound. Here are a few tips on presenting yourself in the proper light when ordering an adult beverage.

Mad Men Mod

Ordering a classic cocktail will make you seem distinguished and refined. It can also display knowledge on liquor. A Manhattan or a Dirty Martini are both elegant choices that would make Don Draper proud. Try and pairing a more exotic meal with a classic cocktail, so you don’t come off as on the duller side to your new date.

Gimme That Pink Drink

If you prefer a sweeter tasting cocktail, but don’t want to come off as a high schooler tasting their first wine spritzer, stick to the cocktail menu that the restaurant has to offer. Inevitably, they will have a plethora of pomegranate Martinis or spicy jalapeno Margaritas. Featured drinks that are both delicious and easy on your taste buds. If the place where you are dining does not have speciality cocktails, stick with the time-honored Cosmopolitan or Mojito.

Feed Me Grapes

You can never go wrong ordering wine on a first date. It comes off as refined, and doesn’t scream, “I love to party…hard.” Stick to seasonal classics that pair well with the entree you are ordering. If you are ordering salmon in the summer, order a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. When  getting something heartier such as a filet or short ribs, order a glass of Syrah or Merlot. Just beware of those red wine teeth, they are not a good look on your first outing together.

Bit of Bubbles

Champagne screams celebration, but it may be a little much on a first excursion with a potential partner. It can also come off as overly romantic or even a bit snobby. Steer clear of this delicious fizzy beverage for at least two outings. Wait until you and your date are ready to get more intimate, then break out the Veuve.

Whatever you order, do it with confidence. Show your date that you have an elegant palate, but that you like to have fun and spice things up!

What beverage is your favorite for a first outing together?

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