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Eight Habits of Successful People Applied to Relationships


Do you want to be successful in life? Lucky for you, there are countless articles about the many traits  successful peope share. However,  it’s not quite as easy to pave a linear path to having a successful relationship. Or is it?

While most of these “common traits” apply to business, or the general musings of daily life, some can also serve as great advice for relationship success.


1. Know When to Leave & When To Stay (Forbes)

Successful people don’t mess around. They get straight to the point, and know exactly when it’s time for a change. Just like reading the market climate, they know when to get out of a bad relationship. Their intuition is on point, and they are more likely to trust their gut than their heart.

2. Submerging one’s ego and getting along. (The Week)

In life and love, an inflated ego can be your worst enemy. Pride has no place in a relationship, and in order to have a successful relationship, we sometimes have to put aside pride. Conflict will always be a part of any relationship. Just like in business, there is often an advantage to losing the battle in order to win the war. Choosing one’s battles is also a great asset to a successful relationship.


3. They are dreamers. (Motivational Grid)

Successful people set goals, and always have their eye on the horizon. Romantic relationships will likewise have some sort of end game, whether that be marriage or moving in together, there has to be some kind of long term goal you are working towards together. Plan hypothetical trips, and dream of a life that one day may come to realization. After all if you can’t envision some kind of future with someone, then what is the point?


4. They are seeing the big picture. (Motivational Grid & Lifehack)

Throughout life’s stages, first dates serve different purposes.  At 22, a first date could just mean scoring a free dinner or the beginning of your first adult relationship. At 29 however, your interests might sway more towards a long-term partner. In order to have a successful relationship with someone, the bigger picture needs to be realized from the beginning. You can’t be cheating on someone who may one day be your wife.

5. Successful people know their priorities. (Lifehack)

Work-life balance is a struggle for successful people, so setting priorities are vital to a successful relationship. An emphasis on family and cultivating your romantic relationship are signs of a prosperous bond. Realizing when to put your partner ahead of work and social obligations is half the battle.


6. They do more than what is asked of them (Forbes)

All miscommunication between sexes can be boiled down to one issue: women expect men to read their minds. Women have high expectations for their partners but rarely voice them aloud. Instead, they harbor secret desires that will never be met which sets them up for sure-fire disappointment. The only thing a man can really do, is do more than what he is specifically asked to do. Be thoughtful, and considerate. Don’t wait to be asked, just do it.


7. They ask the right questions to people who can deliver the right answers (Forbes)

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.We see this often with dating in particular. People date the same archetype to no avail, but remain baffled when the predictable end comes again.  A successful relationship occurs when two people are honest about their expectations, and seek out like-minded partners.


8. They create instead of just consume. (Everest)

A successful relationship requires work. Each partner needs to contribute an equal amount of effort, love and benefit. If one person is taking more than they give, resentment and disappointment are going to plague the relationship. One person should never subtract from another. If your partner isn’t adding value to your life, then it’s not a relationship worth being in.

There isn’t a guide to living happily ever after, but maybe you don’t need one. The person you are at work and the person you are at home aren’t different people. Why can’t the same principles apply in all aspects of your life?

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