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Erotic Capital – Seeking a Millionaire Mate in the Line of Beauty


I just found this on the Economist and I think it can give you some insight to on the right track in your seeking millionaire search. By optimizing ALL of your assets on seekingmillionaire.com, you will have a better chance of meeting and engaging with your millionaire match. I have been encouraging you to go beyond the looks category, so that once you open the door it stays that way. Read on and you will understand what I am talking about here. And by the way, millionaire like smart people who are interested in what is going on in the world. I’ll share my sources at the bottom and you will see why I have millionaires falling all over me.
Physically attractive women and men earn more than average-looking ones, and very plain people earn less. In the labor market as a whole (though not, for example, in astrophysics), looks have a bigger impact on earnings than education, though intelligence—mercifully enough— is valued more highly still. This means you need to be clever, not just beautiful. Also note that your health and inner beauty can take average looks to fabulous.
This article is about three books that examine the weight of beauty and its fairness in the work environment. One author, Mr Hamermesh, examines the case for legal protection for the ugly. He relies to a degree on the work of Deborah Rhode, a law professor at Stanford University and author of “The Beauty Bias”. Ms Rhode clearly struggles to see why any woman would willingly embrace fashion (particularly high heels). She is outraged that virtually all females consider their looks as key to their self-image…..”
As you and I know, it’s the whole package and every detail adds a degree of interest in the eyes of the buyer.
“Honey Money”, Catherine Hakim’s provocative book, is a different kettle of fish. Where Mr Hamermesh and Ms Rhode see discrimination, she sees an opportunity for women to enhance their power “in the bedroom and the boardroom”. She argues that “erotic capital” is an underrated class of personal asset, to set beside economic capital (what you have), human capital (what you know) and social capital (who you know). Ms Hakim attempts to quantify a complex mix of physical and social assets, consisting of beauty, sex appeal, self-presentation, social skills, liveliness and sexual competence. Like other sorts of capital, the erotic kind is important for success; but unlike others it is largely independent of birth and class. It is especially valuable for poor people, young people, the newly arrived and the otherwise unqualified. In heterosexual settings it belongs primarily to women.
“Erotic Capital” – could not have come up with a better term for it. And it is so true. I like how Hakim differentiates Erotic Capital from economic, human and social capital. I also like how she points out that this is the opportunity for women to cross from one class level to another. There are no barriers here. While Rhodes lambasts high heels (love them myself), she also fails to note that even an unattractive woman can leverage erotic capital with sex appeal, charisma and class. Hakim is dead-on and Rhodes is delusional to think you could capture and prohibit human nature from its process with laws and regulation. A healthy unattractive person will have more success opening doors than an unhealthy attractive one.
Ms Hakim suggests that women have more erotic capital than men to start with, mainly because they have had to work at it for centuries. But women have the erotic upper hand for another reason: the male “sexual deficit”. It is the woman’s main bargaining chip, as most still earn less than their partners. Feminists who want women to throw away their femininity are overlooking a powerful asset, Ms Hakim argues. Ladies this is a good thing to keep at the forefront of your search. Use your capital-spend it well!
This may raise the hackles on a few, but I am frankly excited to see that someone has finally had the guts to call it for what it is, write a book on and tell women to not overlook the powerful asset of their looks, sexuality and essentially their feminity. Better yet, advise to use it in the board room and the bedroom for the benefit of everyone, creating engagement, better communication, higher status and value. It takes all the skills, the obvious and covert and lays them on the table as tools for business success. Again, keep this lesson in mind on seekingmillionaire.com for your dating strategy. Be proactive.

Do you understand your personal erotic capital?

Are you optimizing your erotic capital here and professionally?


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