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The Plan to Find Your Millionaire Mate


As we continue the process of finding your millionaire match and engaging with them, let’s check in on the concepts that we discussed.

The first concept in engaging with your potential millionaire mate is what you have in common versus your differences. I brushed on this last post, but in order to be specific, it’s important that you find commonalities with your millionaire match but not too many! There must also be differences.

Commonality: You must have enough common interests or experiences to develop rapport. Knowledge and interest is almost as good as experience and can sometimes be better because it is not as competitive. One thing you automatically have in common with your prospective match is that you both do what you do and want to be valued for it financially. There is no selling out here because you never do anything that you would not do normally.

Differences: If you have too much in common, you will become boring to your prospective millionaire. Seekers, one thing is sure, millionaires like mystery and intrigue as much or more than most. Being different makes you interesting, being mysterious makes you fascinating.

Hopefully you have given some thought to how rich is rich enough. This may sound foolish, but it’s really not. You have to think about and visualize the lifestyle you are looking for and what will make you content and be a good partner for your millionaire mate.

  1. Do some writing to help you experience your millionaire lifestyle. Sum it up in a few sentences.
  2. You must visualize your goal and an experience you had that attracted you to wealth in the first case. Remember every detail in your mind. Imagine smells, colors, accents. Write this down as if you are in the experience, as if you are living it right now.
  3. Now, make a list of criteria. It should be a very short list if you are truly interested in a millionaire mate and that is your primary objective. Long lists are for people who don’t really want to find the mate of their dreams… they are relationship avoidance tactics. Everyone has faults and acceptance and gratitude should help you overcome yours and your mates’. Besides being wealthy, your list should ask for manners, kindness and generosity (no abusive mates, thank you). Starting your search with certain openness to the possibilities of finding the right person will allow you far more options in mates and in life.

As they say, love is an emotional muscle. The more you use it by expressing love, the stronger it gets and the more you can love.

  1. Set levels of behaviors for your mate that will allow you to measure your success and where you are in the process of achieving your goal. One level to be reached with your prospective mate that reflects a level of generosity is when you receive gifts from your mate and the type they are. A second level could be a more defined or regular form of care-taking or responsibility from your mate for you. Decide how you will define these and stick to them… It’s like the book/movie “He’s just not that into you.” Either he/she is or they are not and you have two options, figure out how to engage them properly or move on. If you don’t, you will lose the respect of your millionaire and for yourself.

We will continue with more on these keys for seekingmillioniare.com members to find their mates, but I have some questions for you.

Let’s do a profile review. Are you mysterious enough? Are you giving the so-same obvious stuff that everyone likes? Hand holding, kissing, beaches? What is going to set you apart and give you an edge? Everyone loves to be loved—what makes you interesting enough to make someone want to be loved by you?

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