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Finding a Wealthy Man

9 years ago
Finding a Wealthy Man

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Ladies, we’ve all been there… dated the guy who needed Us to support him financially. The guy who wasn’t bad at most things – except for getting off the couch and picking up the beer can he left in the middle of the floor.

Such a man is the type to say “I love you” repeatedly, but somehow, the thought of saying it back to him makes you cringe. These men are time-wasters, loosers, players, slackers, and couch potoatos. These are the men I let SeekingMillionaire.com filter out for me.

So when the bad eggs are flushed out and sent to Craigslist – I’ve got a plethora of wealthy men to choose from.

Now the tricky part is finding one I can LOL with, grow old next to, and have children by. I want my babies to have the world at their feet, heck, maybe even run for president – so I certainly don’t want genes from a guy who’s never even voted for one.

Gone are the days when Wallstreet was raining men. Now a girls gotta be more persuasive, and show herself as the princess she is without selling out to ‘diggerhood’. Wish me luck everyone, I got a message from a total millionaire stud in Toronto this morning… I patiently await his response.

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