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Five Benefits To Dating A Successful Man


There is a huge difference between dating a successful man and dating, well the average man. The obvious difference is money, but that’s not the only thing that separates them from the pack. A successful man has certain qualities that have contributed to his success in life, that also make him a desirable man to date. If you had to pick between someone who is driven and respectful, or someone who was lazy and selfish, that would be a no-brainer right? But somehow women end up settling for the latter, instead of choosing to wait for someone who is a worthy match. But you don’t have to settle for less than you deserve, and if you do, this is what you are missing out on.

One. Respect 

A successful man does not get by in life by disregarding social etiquette and consideration. He knows how to achieve results, and how to treat a lady. Do yourself a favor and only date a gentleman. With a successful man you won’t have to demand respect, it just happens.

Two. Initiative 

In most relationships, the woman does all the planning and follow through. Most men struggle with keeping up their end of the bargain, much less going out of there way to make the relationship work. A successful man is naturally driven, and will put in the work required to have a successful relationship. You won’t be taking care of him, or constantly forcing him to take initiative, he is organically wired to do so.

Three. Maturity 

The average man struggles to have meaningful conversations with women. Beyond sex, sports and video games, he would rather keep the conversation superficial. But a successful man has more life experience and generally more to talk about than the average man. He likes to engage in conversation and share his experiences with the woman he is dating, less inclined to be annoyed by your inquiries.

Four. Experience 

Speaking of experience, the average man has limited life experience, but may boast an extensive sexual resume. But quantity does not always equal quality, and a successful man knows the difference between a job well done, and a job barely finished.

Five. Generosity. 

The average man stops paying for dinner at some point, and might even borrow money from you to help pay his bills. Maybe you have even dated someone who spends more on a new video game than your anniversary gift. This won’t be an issue when you are dating someone who is successful. There is a difference between gold digging and  having high standards, and dating someone who can afford to take you out to Beso, instead of Applebees, shouldn’t be an unreasonable standard .

It’s one of the great mystery’s of the world, “why can’t all men be successful, wealthy, gentleman”? Do we, as women, ask too little from the opposite sex so that they aren’t inspired to adopt the principles of ambition or determination? I think it’s time for women to start asking more from their partners, and if they can’t get the kind of relationship they deserve, than it’s time to look elsewhere.


What do you think is the biggest complaint about men who are not-successful? 

What is the biggest perk of dating a successful man? 


4 Responses to “Five Benefits To Dating A Successful Man”

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  3. dora kolamaliki says:

    first of all if i meet a wealthy man.i will keep an open mine and not ask anything from him or of him i will just be my self.now on the other hand if he;s an a fake i will know and i will the date with him;say;s dora

    • dora kolamaliki says:

      i mean on the other hand i will end the date with the fake millionarie.because that;s what mess things up for other people who is right and good;to the real millionaries if you looking for someone to be real then you need to be real with them as well.iam not a gold digger;

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