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Gay Millionaires


(Jake wishes this Lord of the Rings star and real-life gay millionaire, Sir Ian Mckellen, would pick HIM!)

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: #993300;”>This must be addressed: I was at my friend Jake’s house last night. Jake is a 22 year old gay slice of pumkin pie: cute, petite (for a guy), smart, honest, and looking for a rich gay single to sweep him off his own feet. It’s been a real riot discussing the differences between gay millionaires and straight ones.

First off, it seems like all the gay millionaires live on the west coast, or the east cost, but barely any in Middle America. Whereas for me, I find plenty of guys in Texas, Colorado, and other parts of our Heart Land 😉

So far, Jake and I have both recieved relatively equal ratios of directly sexual VS more romantic “1st contact emails”, but the rich gay men seem to have a slightly better since of humor 😀

Would love to hear from any of our gay and lesbian family!

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