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Happy 50th Brad: 3 Reasons Why Wealthy Men Get Better with Age
  • Posted Dec 18, 2013


Brad Pitt turned 50 today, and he still looks better than most men half his age. As a widely successful movie star, turned devoted husband, we can’t think of a better millionaire to vet.

So in honor of Mr. Pitt, we’d like to share three obvious reasons why wealthy men are like a fine wine, as he has easily proven:


Time is Money

Let’s face it: father time never sleeps. And the older a man becomes, the more he realizes it. Brad, like many wealthy men, know the value of time. An older man is past the point of “invincibility” and enjoys every moment. Whether it is making important business decisions, or enjoying time spent with family, a wealthy man will make the most of his schedule. Complacency is a killer, especially when it comes to wealth.


Experience Comes with Age

The longer a man lives, the more worldly he becomes. Unlike the youth, older men have a plethora of knowledge gained from simply living longer: where to travel, where to eat, you name it. Women hate indecisive men who fail to take the lead. With experience, comes assertiveness. An older man will make many decisions based solely on experience.


Smooth and Settled

Younger men often lack the maturity to date a woman, let alone support her financially. Older men are often past this phase and tend to settle down, as shown by Mr. Pitt. Moreover, they know how to treat a woman exactly like that–a woman.


Why else do wealthy men get better with age?

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