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He’s Just Not That Into You: Millionaire Edition


A millionaire did not generate piles of money by checking in on facebook everywhere he goes, or instagramming his food during client meetings. A successful man is going to be busy, and therefore, when it comes to dating: impatient, drama-free and easily annoyed. So if you’re looking to date the most coveted men in the country, you are going to have to tone down some of your dramatics, and learn to adapt to his ways. Being a millionaire’s girlfriend is all about adding the benefits, with out subtracting from his efficiency. Here are a few types of girls a millionaire probably won’t be interested in for more than one night:

One. Social Sasha

Lunching at #MrChows with #MrRich! #pinchme

The social diva that is checking in on every date, constantly takes selfies and instagrams her food will quickly discover that her and #MrRich will not have much of a future together.

Two. Debbie Drama

A successful man has no time for a drama queen. Learn to curb your ego, and make an effort to keep your relationship drama-free. Don’t throw a party at his Hampton’s house when he is in the city, or borrow his black Amex with out his knowledge.

Three. Boozey Bethany 

A wealthy man is going to need a beautiful, classy girl to accompany him to the many events he will be invited to. Just because it is an open bar, and he has VIP bottle  service, doesn’t mean that you should drink yourself under the table. The first time you have too much will probably be the last time you get invited to a black tie event.

If you can avoid being any of these three women, you are already well on your way to being a suitable match for a millionaire.

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