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Homeless Man Posing as Millionaire


One millionaire dater was not who he said he was.

According to the”Telegraph”, 13 women have alleged being robbed over one hundred thousand dollars by a homeless con-artist.

Paul Krugner, the alleged con-artist, was able to swindle $102,000 from women across world. He faked numerous identities, including those of Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, and others. Mr. Kruger used a competing millionaire dating site to pull the wool over his victims, most of whom don’t expect to see their money again.

Scams don’t just come from Nigeria! Many people are familiar with certain scam tactics, such as the much famed Nigerian bank wiring scam, yet many scam artists use tactics that are much harder to identify. Be sure to use common sense judgment when making financial or other types of agreements with people you meet online. The easy rule to follow is this: Don’t believe it until you verify it.

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