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How to Dress for a Millionaire


With NYC Fashion Week coming to a close, it only seemed appropriate to take what we learned from these innovative fashion moguls, and apply it to the dating world. The first date is clearly the make it or break it moment for couples, and most men prefer classy rather than trashy attire. You don’t have to spend thousands on the perfect outfit, but it doesn’t hurt to use designer clothing as inspiration for a modern, upscale look.

Coordinating Colors

don't be afraid of colorcolorful printsplaying with prints

Spring is right around the corner. As usual, this means a tribute to bare shoulders, sun-kissed skin, and lots of bright color.

The runway sported colors and prints to the max. From bright, exuberant reds to show-stopping cobalt blues, particularly placed together. Mixing and matching will clearly be hot this year, with daring outfits that show personality, but how can you make this work for a date?

Don’t go too over the top. Wearing all black on a first date, could certainly be a deal breaker. Without realizing it, you may be giving off the vibe that you are dejected or even pessimistic. You’re trying to find love, not pay your respects.

For a first date, try mixing black with a fun colored print, or neutrals with a geometric pattern. These options shows you are serious, but have this fun, mysterious side you cannot wait to let loose.

Bring it Down an Inch or Two

matching printpop of colorlight and sexy

A micro mini skirt for a millionaire? Not if you want to come off as dating material! The pencil skirt is gaining more and more traction, but the new age variety is the one creating waves.

Pencil skirts have been reinvented. Sure, you can still find the traditional variety –black, knee length and made for a business suit. That’s boring. For your first date consider the pencil skirt that fits you like a glove for optimal sex appeal. Right below the knee is the key. It perfectly shows your entire silhouette, but does show off too much leg. For a flirty appeal, go for the metallic variety or even playful, yet mellow printed option.

Shoes for Size

Those 6-inch stilettos should be left at home. Who knows where the night might take you, and let’s face it: those shoes are not practical for most occasions.

heels for every outfitclassy shoessimple shoes for a date

The runways was loaded with 2 shoe types. Strappy heels, and of course the classic pump. Every girl should own nude, strappy heels and black pumps. They go with everything, flatter your feet, and are sexy to boot. Both pairs virtually complete any outfit, and are dance floor-friendly so you can embrace the night.

When dating a millionaire it is important to look the part. Remember to keep it classy, show your fun side, and think sensible. Expect the unexpected, and remember to add a touch of flair. Every gentlemen appreciates the element of surprise.

Do you have a go-to first date outfit that makes you feel both beautiful and sophisticated?

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  1. dora kolamaliki says:

    iam not trying to give him the wrong ideal on the the first date i just want to be myself and for him to be his self.now iam interested in meeting a millionaire man,iam a single woman;i just yo enjoy life it;s self and to be able to the things i could;nt before

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