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How to Flirt on Line


According to professional match makers, men are engaged visually and women are engaged by what they hear. Flirting allows you to show your brains and your beauty. But how can you flirt online? It’s so easy! But you need to do it in the right way. Although even the wrong way can work for some if you have the skill to turn an offensive move into flirtatious apology.

“People can flirt outrageously without intending anything,” says Timothy Perper, a sex researcher who’s been studying flirting for 30 years. But it also “opens a window of potential. Not yes, not no.”

Flirting allows us to play the game of “maybe.”

Learning to flirt is part of the act of engagement and learning to carry on a conversation that reflects the speed of your mind, your sense of humor as well as your sex appeal. This is your biggest challenge. On line you must write some humor and flirtatious calls to action into your profile. Tempt them to reach out to you after you have reached out to them,

How to Flirt with a man: Number one ingredient is a nice big smile. Do you realize that it takes 17 muscles to smile and 42 to frown? As an efficient person, I always liked this aspect aside from the fact that one you smile you have cracked open the door.

Flirting with men involves a visual; they also want allure, mystery, intelligence and class. You can use this to flirt.

  1. Show a photo of yourself with a easy smile that has appeal and is inviting on your profile. Not too seductive, just open and inviting
  2. Engage with them in an initiating email that is fun, simple and addresses them specifically. If they do not respond after a week, you can try again, but really take another look at their profile and approach differently.
  3. Create sexual tension by alluding to sensual things or offering word-play that provides that visual for a man.
  4. Have fun. That is what flirting is all about.
  5. Send them a funny note or a line from a song they said they like and like as well. Engage.
  6. Appeal to their interests to find that common area I spoke of before.
  7. Temptation and possibilities are key to flirting.

You are flirting on line, so read the recipients profile. What do they like, what are they showing you for you to engage with them? The key to attraction understands what your prospects interests are and how they think.

When you learn to flirt you connect will with people on many levels. Flirting makes you approachable because flirting involves smiling, laughter, and engagement. It makes people more comfortable with you and gives them insight in your character.

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  1. iamOFWdating says:

    To some other people, especially those naughty one, flirting is just a game for them and don’t take it seriously.

  2. mia angel cody says:

    There is definetly an art to flirting. It could be interpeted as a tease, so don’t so anything you’re not prepared to back up. Could be an awkward situation.

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