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How to Increase Your Dating “Value” to Millionaires
  • Posted Sep 27, 2013


Find a Passion

Try something new–if you enjoy it, run with it. A common misconception is that hobbies and activities go away with age. Why is that? Not all newly discovered passions occur during one’s childhood. If you genuinely enjoy something, stick to it. It adds to your character and is a sign of dedication. After all, passion is what made these men and women millionaires in the first place.

Higher Education

Have you ever wanted to learn a different language? Or perhaps, add to your Bachelor’s Degree? The real question is: what’s stopping you? There are plenty of tools/online courses for achieving such seemingly impossible goals. Pursuing (even) higher education not only adds to your knowledge, but also provides talking points that would intrigue even the most educated millionaires.

Ditch the Slang

Slang is never sexy, period. Just because we live in the Internet age, does not mean you have to abide by its constant trends. For example, avoid speaking in “hash-tags” because the rest of the world is buzzing via Twitter. It’s mindless and reflects poorly on your personality. Participate in such things, but never let them define you.

Learn to Disagree

Believe it or not, “yes men” also exist in the dating world. Less experienced singles often blindly agree just to appease people. Truth be told, this will hurt your image in the long-run. By sharing your opinion, or even better, standing up for something, you show backbone. Millionaires did not earn their wealth by being sheep, so they will hold their partners to similar standards.


What are some other ways to increase your dating “value” to millionaires?

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