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How to Spot a Fake Millionaire


Women who want to date millionaires are motivated by a several reasons. And it takes a certain mindset to be able to date a master of the universe. But it can be frustrating trying to find the right mate. Though we wish they could be eradicated, fake millionaires are a dime a dozen. Even with the available technology out there, websites find it hard to force men to reveal personal information for verification. Please note: Seeking Millionaire insists that you consider dating only verified members. However, there are a few tell-tail signs that any woman can use to vet those that claim they are millionaires.

Lack of Necessities

If you have not seen his alleged estate—or a car for that matter—within a few months of dating, be weary. Many millionaires aren’t into flaunting their wealth with luxury vehicles or real estate, but it is a red flag if he lacks necessities. However, don’t be quick to judge a man who drives a modest car. Some men like cars, other enjoy spending their money on vacations, clothes, etc.

Language Skills of a First-Grader

Usually easiest to spot these men when viewing their profiles. A millionaire has an education and is meticulous when it comes to his image, so you shouldn’t see typos in his profile description. Keep in mind that text messages don’t apply to this rule completely. Plenty of millionaires who view short-hand text messaging as appropriate.

Lack of Manners

He doesn’t hold open the door. He sneezes openly at the table. The list goes on. A general lack of manners should be a deal-breaker for any potential relationship. Note that any man who is used to dealing with other wealthy individuals should have at least a general grasp of proper manners—especially when dealing with women.

Talks about the Money…All the Time

While talking about millionaires, Brandon Wade once told me, “If you have it, then you don’t flaunt it.” Fake millionaires are easy to spot because they will find any opportunity to talk about their finances.

Name Dropping

Fake millionaires often drop names of famous or well-known individuals as a way to show competency. Whereas a real millionaire only talks about business contacts at the appropriate moments.

Have you ever spotted a fake millionaire?

How do you spot a fake millionaire?

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