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I Have a Dream, Too


Seven years ago, a great American named Brandon Wade, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, founded Seeking Millionaire. This came as a beacon of hope to millions of lonely and attractive females who have been victim to thrifty dates and immature relationships. It came as a glorious daybreak to end the long nights of subpar company and blind date disasters.

Seven years later, some women are still asked to go dutch. Seven years later, some women still live in a world of awful manners and mediocrity. Are these guys forsaking romance for equal treatment, or just being cheap? Insert Seeking Millionaire, a new approach to online dating where upscale ladies can find the man they truly deserve. Will you meet your knight in shining Versace or be forever wondering what should have been?

In a sense, ladies come to Seeking Millionaire to cash a check written by their hearts. They are not diggers of gold, but connoisseurs of real compatibility. Most were told they could do anything, but that cannot happen without someone to believe in them. Women have an unalienable right to meet the man of their dreams, and Seeking Millionaire is the liberator that converts those dreams into reality.

Women also have a right to be adequately courted by upstanding gentlemen. We refuse to believe that chivalry is dead. We refuse to believe that the bank of millionaire bachelors is bankrupt. We believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of prosperous suitors.

Now is the time to make a promise to yourself! Do not seal your fate with men who are below standard. Do not feel guilty seeking your desires. You must not allow the ease of settling to get the best of you. You can rise to majestic heights by meeting your millionaire and potential soulmate.

But there is something I must mention to my ladies in waiting: have patience. Seek to satisfy your thirst for luxury by drinking from the cup of diligence. Do not let yourself become discouraged if the guy is a total loser. Hold out for Mr. Right, but give him time to surface.

There are those who are only interested in the money. Do not look for a payout. Be affectionate and passionate. Men want a suitable companion, so take pride in being a lady. Appreciate finer things and little things. And above all, remember to say thank you.

It is my greatest wish that you meet a perfect man.

I have a dream that no attractive female will be financially burdened ever again.

I have a dream that lavish vacations and expensive gifts will be bestowed upon deserving women.

I have a dream that one day, that ladies of all colors and creeds will be awarded rightful courtships.

I have a dream that I will one day marry a millionaire.

How will you make your dreams a reality?


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