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#InstaGood Instagrams of #Luxury
  • Posted Jul 30, 2014


Instagram has become one of the top visual platforms for sharing portions of our mundane lives.  A filtered photo of filet, new flats from Kate Spade, or an all-inclusive trip to the Bahamas have become the standard for our ego-centric accounts.  Fortunately, there are a vast menu of brands and celebrities that post filtered lifestyle photos on the reg.  It is more exciting to follow someone who’s “just like you,” but a little bit more…over-the-top, right?  Move over #RKOBH, here are the wonderfully ostentatious Instagram accounts you should be following.

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Instagram Account: Bon_Et_Copieux

One of the original #RKOI (Rich Kids of Instagram), Zach Haroutunian is a self-described “business executive, philanthropist, student, concert pianist, and bon vivant.”  Although I’ve conducted extensive Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook stalking, it’s unclear how Zach’s family granted the 20-something such a lavish lifestyle.  Zach’s posts are sassy, funny, and extremely glamorous.

The best aspect of Zach?  He’s a total mama’s boy and loves to spoil his mother with beautiful gifts (which are immediately shared with is 3,000+ followers).

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Instagram Account: EzraJWilliam

Rumoured to be the latest addition to the cast of #RKOBH, Ezra is an androgynous fashionista with more than 24,000 Instagram followers.  The socialite, who is spotted regularly with Nicky Hilton, primarily focuses on fabulous fashion finds.  Special edition Dior, Birkin bags, and Chanel RTW provide the audience with an inside look at the best-of-the-best.

My personal favorite posts? Ezra’s regular trips to Paris.

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Instagram Account: SMaroon_5

The mysterious and elusive SMaroon_5 writes that she is “indulging in the world’s vices.”  Fortunately for us, her Insta is totally representative of that.  Posts of city landscapes, beautiful reservoirs abroad, and exquisite meals – “Serena” (as mentioned by an Instagram comment) is at the forefront of capturing lifestyle.  SMaroon_5 loves to indulge in junk food too, so we know she truly is one of us!

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Instagram Account: NehemiahFalber

Approachable, friendly, and fashionable, Nehemiah is #instagood.  An androgynous, yet masculine #instafashion icon, “Miah” loves to post of his shopping finds.  Fine leather goods, Givenchy sneakers, and monogrammed travel accessories fill over 800 Instagram posts.  Don’t be afraid to follow him.  Nehemiah regularly engages with followers, offering style advice based on quality, branding, and price-point.

Who is your favorite #InstaFollow?

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