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Introducing Zorah Wright: Seeking Millionaire Relationship Expert


SeekingMillionaire.com will see a number of changes over the next few months:

  • We are about to publish a book dedicated to helping those who want to meet or mingle with Millionaires.
  • We will be blogging more regularly on topi

    cs that matter to those Seeking Millionaires.

  • Starting today, we’ll have a female voice on the blog. Zorah has agreed to be our new SeekingMillionaire.com spokesperson and our in-house relationship expert and Blog-master.
Zorah Wright

Zorah is a speaker, author, and business coach living in Northern California. Zorah holds an MBA, and has worked in finance, business services, communications and sales for most of her career. With a chest full of toys, costumes and potions, she is a dating and relationship expert. Of course Zorah is also a member of SeekingMillionaire.com. According to Zorah, she’s never had a bad date (one of her dates once did but he was trying really hard). She has traveled all over the world and dated in many cultures and at many levels of wealth. Her understanding of communications, relationship building through customs, cultures and classes has helped her in her professional business success. Here is a quote, direct from her:

Every woman wants a degree of romance when it comes to dating. In the context of a dating site, such as SeekingMillionaire.com, the concept of romance aligns with the concept of value. Millionaires like value, not necessarily cheap dates. They see relationships as investments and can assess and make decisions quickly when they don’t see opportunity for growth. Value places the woman at the heart of the date, as the heroine in her personal story and as the object of desire for her suitor. SeekingMillionaire.com, offers the opportunity directly for both parties to connect and find a mate who appreciates both wealth and hard work with the concept of being a value-add in each other’s lives.”

I am sure Zorah will bring fun, spontaneity as well as new a feminine twist to SeekingMillionaire.com. Zorah will show users how to get the most from the site, have fun dating, role play and develop meaningful relationships around money, wealth and responsibility; the basis for all great high-net-worth relationships!

What are some of the topics you’d like us to cover in our future blog post?

Do you have any specific questions for Zorah?

15 Responses to “Introducing Zorah Wright: Seeking Millionaire Relationship Expert”

  1. SHERRITHA says:

    i would like to meet a millionaire who love a heavy woman and who loves black women but it seem like they don’t have any i really need your help

    • Zorah Wright says:

      SHERRITHA, please take note of part one of what will be an ongoing series. It’s important to take of yourself when you are looking for someone who has taken care of themselves and might care for you. Always start with the one thing you do have control over, and that is You: what you do, what you say, how you act and what you think. (Yes, you can control what you think about.)
      Now take another look at your profile and think about the positive things that you bring to a relationship. Focus on those and they will become the primary things people notice about you.

  2. Alice says:

    Thanks Sherritha & Zorah!

  3. Mel says:


    It is very sad to say that many on the site seem to be racist on seeking millionaire website.

    Already some black girls and mixed races friends are complaining about certain behaviours of some white guys

    It is sad to see this in 2011

    Beauty is not just about colour and it can be depressing seeing the response of some white guys

    Indeed money can buy beautifully crafted people with stunning pictures but it kills to see that what some wrote in their
    description doesnot fit their profile

    Zohra, we suggest seeking millionaire website adds a new button or criteria for the guys to click on at the first instance to say interested or not
    or add criteria choice to say whether they consider black and mixed races that would save a lot of girls precious time and effort and less chances of not being with the right person.

    Please help us on that because it is getting very frustrating,
    discriminating specially when some think that all black girls just want to sell their bodies

    In my case I have cried a lot already and wouldn’t want anymore of my friends to suffer the same

    • Zorah Wright says:

      Mel, of course I can not imagine your pain, but I can wonder about it. I think you might want to look more to your profile and think strategically how you might add to it to give it more content and mystery. Looks are not everything and many millionaires on this site take a long time to respond. There are obviously more seekers than millionaires out there. Please look at my statistics from the my post and the charts… Let’s focus on bringing out and highlighting your best qualities and what you are bringing to the relationship, your wit, beauty inside and out… your intelligence and depth of character.

  4. Lana says:

    Hi Zohra!
    My question is not really a question but more my thoughts about misunderstanding we might have with wealthy men.
    First of all, I would like to meet a successful man (who would be interested in losers?) and amount of his assets is not so important. But at the same time it’s obviously more likely a millionaire.
    Having previous experience with rich men I’m a bit confused because I always show my interest to his personality not to his wallet and never asked for presents or other materialistic stuff. I mean I appreciate gifts and invitations and never payed even having a coffee with a man but I try to make it clear that it is not a reason for me to meet him.
    I assumed they appreciate it but I was wrong. It’s kind of I don’t value their money I guess. But only because of many complains from their side about women who look only for money I did my best not to make money an issue. I’m not shy to enjoy my life the way I can which is far from their good-quality existence but I’m enough educated and experienced to know a lot about high life standards they have.

    Zohra, tell me please what is your opinion about money issues with wealthy men and how we can make this delicate point easier for both?

    Zohra what you think, how we can properly to show that we

    • Zorah Wright says:

      Lana, I understand where you are coming from with avoiding the topic of money or not making money an issue. It is not an issue; it is an asset and many millionaires would like to be recognized for what they have, the work they have done and what they give. Flat out asking some one how much money they have is as rude as asking a woman’s age, maybe worse…. But people want to be recognized for their hard work and their worth. Many men value their worth and what they can have by the size of their wallet. As a woman who wants to be part of that lifestyle it’s important to understand and to be open about. Besides, avoiding conversations about it can lead you to dealing with people who are misleading….. Honesty is very important, fragile and sometimes hard to come by. Kindness is essential and these questions can be asked with kindness and attention and they will be responded to more likely in the same way.

      Please go ahead and finish your question…

  5. Lana says:

    Thanks Zohra for your explanations. I absolutely agree with you. My fear to deal with money seems like my own inner problem to ask. But at the same time I want a man who cares about me and I always prefer givers.
    tha’s my unfinished question:
    How I can properly to show that I’m interested in his financial support?

    one more very sad example from my life.
    I didn’t expected or asked anything from that man but he did offer me all I dreamed about. Then it didn’t work out for him (i didn’t fulfilled his list of requirements)and he disappeared. I was so much in pain that I brought him back his presents and money. He was impressed.
    One day I congratulated him like everybody else with Valentines day and wish him and his right woman all the best. But at that time he happened to be alone and offer me to stay friends with benefits.
    I agreed first of all because I never had a chemistry with any man in my life like with him (remember I’m 43). so make a long story short it didn’t work out as well because he knows I want more from him and he is not a relationship type of guy (his version).
    Now back to our conversation about money. he offered me a money one day to help me but I refused it saying I prefer to stay in a good relationship with him and sometimes to have a coffee together as friends. I regret about it so much now! I think I offended him. Trying to show him how much his personality is important to me I hurt him unconsciously.
    anyway last time we met he gave exact money for taxi what he never did before (((

  6. Zorah Wright says:

    Yes, I have done that many times. I was dating a billionaire and he asked me very directly if I’d like him to take care of me. I immediately said “no” thinking I’d be giving up my freedom. He was a wonderful man and had no intention of anything other than helping because he could. He wanted a serious relationship but since I acted like I could do it myself, I ended up by myself. When people offer to help they do it because they can and because they want to. I do not know what to tell you about this fellow, but it would seem you should try lots of situations. When in a relationship that works, and one person has more than the other, that person tends to offer more support… that is the way it should be. I never take men to dinner, but I do cook an amazing gourmet meal better than most restaurants, so I pay it back in other ways that deepen the relationship.
    Never hold onto the past. It is the one thing we can’t change or go back to. Keep your eyes on the prize, define it and it will come. Just keep doing the next right thing… doing anything less is not worth it.

  7. Lana says:

    Thanks Zorah!
    It’s a pleasure talk to you. I really appreciate your support!

  8. John Wright says:

    Well Zorah I find you interesting and wonder if you found
    your knight in shining armor yet? If not I can show you love
    in tender loving actions, not empty words.
    I seek the personality first, the rest is just the frosting
    on the cake of love to sweeten it. My problem is all the
    women who scam men now days. I guess there are also men who
    do that also but can only give my point of view from
    experience of being taken and still ending up alone.
    I like what you said about value.

  9. Dennis says:

    Hi Zorrah,You are so wonderfull and intellectual.I’m wondering how it would be to give you a massage…..

    Gentle man from Amsterdam

  10. ER says:

    Zorah …’dating and relationship expert’ oh yea? says who?

    Honestly I think the last thing this site needs as far as the wealthy male subscribers to it are concerned is some self appointed female ‘journo’ acting as the Relationship Czarina. I have already read most of her posts including the so called ‘analysis’ advice on male profiles and this is just the same predictable soporific stuff one would read in women’s magazines in a doctor’s waiting room, and equally female-centric.

    I don’t think this appointment brings anything to this site apart from a veneer of politically correct tokenism to counterbalance the male founder. Some of the utterances she comes out with are just routine relationship column filling fodder with no real relevance or insight at all; most would spin easily off the pen of any middle level column hack in Cosmopolitan and don’t seem to me to be worth the hype in her clearly self generated publicity blurb.

    What the nature and motivation you had for bringing this resource on board, no doubt she’s a good ‘sales person’ and talked you into it – other than that, so far I see no added value to this site’s proposition, especially from a male viewpoint. I find most of what she says to be patronising, condescending and shallow. in one article she decries a (alleged) male profile by calling it too ‘salesman-y’ yet that is the essence of her own style. In another example she asks ‘why are you not dating women your own age?’ as if to imply that this is the correct and only procedure that any male should be adopting. One would ask immediately ‘why should he if he prefers women much younger?.

    We may shape our profiles the way WE want them, being as precise or as ‘narrow’ as we feel. If this results in no ‘success’ then maybe what we seek isn’t out there, or isn’t also reading this site. It’s not like this is the ONLY website doing this and one swiftly becomes aware that in many cases it’s the same old tired collection of low level female ‘chancers’ and working dancer/entertainers ploughing these linked sites and whatsyourprice looking for additional dating revenue as a sideline rather than being genuine partner seekers.

    If you are going to appoint site ‘gurus’ then we want people who seem as aware of the realities as we customers are, not some syncophantic opportunist trying to eek some more journalistic revenue out of a hyped image and fob us off with ‘wimmins mag’ writing. That is just meaningless. When she comes out with articles and research showing she really does know the grim realities of the online dating scene and can address suggestions which are grounded in the apparent extensive experience she boasts about, then maybe she will make some gritty and useful contribution worth reading. At the moment it’s all vanilla plastic and indulgent ego column inches worth less than its pixel count.

    All in all, the more I read the less I like of this individual who seems to be writing for her own ego stroke. She clearly talked herself into a fashionable and predictable job slot but don’t please insult our collective intelligences by touting her as a catch-all resource of exaggerated value to site users. To be honest if she is a great as she says she is at ‘dating millionaires and billionaires’ then what is she still doing here as a seeking member then? Sounds like the smell of corporate career ‘fem-spin’ to me. I do not believe what she says about herself.

    Cruel? maybe…..I see nothing so far other than vague predictable platitudes, patronising soundbites and vacuous cotton wool ..whatever you are paying her it’s too much. If you want a sharp, aware, thought provoking media writer who can engage men and women in really penetrating observational and operational issues about the ‘millionaire dating scene’ then I can see the value but she is definitely not that.

  11. Lustful Eyeshade says:

    ER, did you skip your Dulcolax this morning? What a tight rectum you must have. Who are you to judge? Someone perhaps with too much money or possibly (and more likely), hardly enough but imperious nevertheless. I think Zorah is a breath of fresh air, pleasantly scented. You, on the other hand, are quite stale. Someone who obviously is going to have a tough time with women. I will give you this: you know how to spin the clichés. You like your own words so much. Perhaps if you wrote more often to yourself, rather than dropping trou’ for all the world to see, you would have a more appreciative audience and thus not have to spill your gall (and whatever is pooling at your feet) in such dramatic fashion. Poor man. Angry, spiteful, and yet all you have for a venue is Zorah’s blog itself. Maybe SeekingMillionaire.com should you give you one for yourself and some finger paint to go with it. You will certainly make the other millionaires look like they’re worth a billion bucks. Transformation: Whine-Whine-Whine -> Win -> Win -> Win!

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