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It’s A Prince: 7 Steps to Meeting Royalty


There are only so many eligible royal men in the world and in 18 years, England’s newest prince will be on the market. While there aren’t enough eligible princes in the world to fulfill the daydreams of every little girl in the world, there are a few steps one can take to help increase her chances of marrying into royalty.

Seven Steps to Meeting Royalty:

1 Work in the Journalism or TV field
23% percent of the royals in the study met their princes through their work

2 Become a Socialite
More than 60 percent of were introduced during a party or event thrown by an elite member of high society.

3 Go Abroad
Majority of these women found their matches while either visiting a foreign sovereign country or while the prince was visiting theirs

4 Play Sports or Attend Sporting Events (Preferably polo, tennis, or swimming)
11 percent met theirs during an international affair, such as the Olympics, 23 percent met during a polo event, and the other 16 percent met at various sporting events.

5 Age
The women in the study met their future royal husbands around the ages the average ages of 21 and 25.

6 Be Active During the Spring or Summer
It isn’t Spring Fever that is bringing all the eligible princes out. Historically, these seasons are high time for princes to perform the part of their duties that involves mingling with the common folk at events and visiting their Allies’ countries.

7 Be Involved in Charity
Part of Royal Duties includes philanthropy. While 27 percent found their princes while organizing or participating in a charity event, royals also need their potential brides to be conscientious of the needs of their people.


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