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Lead A Richer Life in 2014


It’s a new year, and every one is looking for a new lease on life. What better way to ring in the new year than with a plan to live more lavishly, and better off than the year before? Riches aren’t measured only in currency. Here are some ways you can enrich your love life and make 2014 your best year yet.

1. Follow through.

Making plans is easy, but completing them proves to be easier said than done. With a partner it is especially important so they know you are serious about doing what you say you will. Many fights could be prevented if everyone would follow through with their intentions.

2. Listen.

You’ve probably heard that most people don’t listen, and just wait for their turn to talk. While I am guilty of this unintentional rude act, we should make it a point to digest the words of others and hold back the verbal vomit.

3. Organize.

We procrastinate longer than it takes to do tasks, especially ones that include organizing the workplace or home. A clean and correlated space leads to a clear and composed mind, which is a major turn on to any potential partner. This is where “following through” is going to help you out.

4. Eat Well.

While dining out is always a way to live richer with exquisite desserts and prime cuts of meat, preparing good food, notably for your lover, is also essential to feeling fulfilled and full. You can’t cook? I invite you to watch MasterChef Junior, a gourmet cooking competition for kids. If a nine year old can do it, something tells me you can give it a shot. A great place to start is a beginners cookbook like The Best Simple Recipes, available at Rakuten.com.

5. Don’t Take it Personal.

Sometimes he is such a dick and she could not be more annoying, but they’re not doing it as a personal attack. She is just being a woman, and he is being a dude. We all say and do regrettable things, but lets forgive and forget our grievances in preparation for the best year ever.

Maybe you’ll meet that special someone this year, so use these tips to steal their heart. Have a rich New Year!

How will you have a richer life this year?

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