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Life is Too Short To Do Without
  • Posted May 7, 2014


How many opportunities have you missed by second guessing yourself?  It is all too often that I am with someone and they refuse something to save a few extra dollars.  Of course, we need to live within reason, but why live without?

I recently decided to have juvederm injected into my lips.  This may seem like a drastic procedure to have done at the ripe age of 24, but to me it was a long time coming.  I was ready, I knew that the procedure was right for me.  I also knew to expect a variety of reactions post-procedure, especially during the healing process.  I am happy with the results, and the entire process got me thinking – if it makes you feel good, do it.

Life is too short to do without.  We are too cautious of others reactions, but being overly cautious makes you boring and basic.  We worry that our next door neighbor might judge us, or that we may have to explain our strange habits to strangers, but we don’t.  Life is about living for you.

Judgement comes from all over.  We quiver with the thought of rejection, but why?  Why are we afraid of reaction to something that makes us happy?

We fear the abnormal, but what happiness comes from being like the person standing next to you?  I’m not saying lip injections will make me a happy person- it won’t, but feeling confident will.

Consider these notions down to the very site you’re reading this on – it takes a very lethal combination of risk and desire to go on a date.

If it makes you happy, it’s worth it. Stop worrying and take the chance.  You never know what will happen, but what you do know what will happen if you don’t risk it.

Simple ways to start taking more risks:

  • Try a new restaurant and splurge for a glass of fine wine.
  • Buy a spa treatment and pamper yourself.
  • Shop at an upscale plaza and enter all of the stores, if even just to browse.

What is the biggest risk you’ve taken?


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