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Look Like A Million Bucks Without Spending A Million Bucks


First impressions are crucial. Appearances are vital when meeting someone new. One can never anticipate whom they might be seated next to on a cross country red-eye or at the neighborhood bar. The wealthy community is not necessarily a snobby one, despite the conventional wisdom, but you do have to look the part in order to fit in.

I sat down with one of our eligible millionaire members to discuss the matter of first impressions. How can someone look the part without the bank account to support it?

Invest in staple items

“Oftentimes I see younger men throw their money on non-essential items; trendy fashion. Before branching out, you need a solid base of staple items.”

Esquire has a great slideshow of the 25 essential items every man should own. Don’t skimp on quality for these pieces. An Armani Oxford shirt retails for about $195, whereas a similar selection from Ralph Lauren is about $100 cheaper. However, the former will not only last you longer, but will look sharper as well.

Pay attention to detail

“I can’t take a man without a proper watch seriously. Any guy past the age of 18 needs to own his own watch. It’s a sign of manhood, showing that you value time.”

If you aren’t one of the lucky ones who inherits a Rolex, don’t fret. There are many affordable lines available to those who want to save money without sacrificing style. Start off with two: one with a leather band for casual use and a metal chronograph for more formal settings.

The casuals are the easiest to find at any price point, like the Bulova Men’s Essential Strap on the progressive end, or UniformWares’ 351 Series which is a step up. For formal watches, you should be prepared to spend $100 or more for a quality timepiece. Nixon has a great variety for all personalities and styles.


Be conservative

“The new Adidas ZX Flux 8000 may impress your ‘boys,’ but you can’t wear them into half the clubs or lounges in Manhattan. Even skateboard or urban brand moguls need to switch their shoes. They can get away with it, but it’s a sign of disrespect to all the other men in the room.”

Don’t alienate yourself. Certain settings call for conservative dress. There’s a fine line between individualism and peacocking.

As the old adage goes, “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.” If you want a better lifestyle and join society’s elite, you’ve got to look the part.

Which millionaire’s style do you like most?


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