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Maintain Your Relationship With The 1%
  • Posted May 20, 2014


Dating can come with a great deal of pressure, especially when you’re involved with someone who has power, money, and status.  It is rare to find someone this successful and you certainly don’t want to lose them to another for silly, avoidable actions.  Keep the 1% by complying to the following tips.

Refine Your Tastes

Refined women and men do not drink moscato, sangria, or riesling unless they’re at a day party.  For something palatable on the sweet side opt for a Pinot Grigio or, if necessary, Sauvignon Blanc.  Do not order a college-town beer unless you’re tailgating and by-all-means only opt for well vodka if necessary.

Don’t Get Too Drunk

It’s likely that you’ll be attending high-profile events and parties with your partner and one would assume that they would not like to be embarrassed.  However, the desire to drink copious amounts of chardonnay will be present as you’ll probably have social-nerves.  Don’t give-in to these nerves and opt for a spa session to keep your stresses at a minimum.

Pick Up After Yourself

Just because you can now afford a maid does not mean it’s necessary.  If you’re not working there is no excuse not to pick up after yourself or your partner.  Maintain the household to make your presence known.  If a cleaning service is offered, opt for lesser schedule – maybe once or twice a month.

Stay Humble

They may order steak-and-lobster consistently, but maintain the values that sparked the initial attraction.  Occasionally splurge on a delicacy, but order from the main menu on a more regular basis.

Dress Accordingly

Although you may have staples from club-wear retailers like H&M and Wet Seal, keep those for the evenings with friends.  When you’re entertaining, or in public, opt for a more sophisticated, but still affordable, brand like J.Crew or Club Monaco.

Maintain a Sense-of-Self

You are the reason this is happening.  Even with all of these cultivated tweaks, remain you.  Take each situation for what it is, and present the best version of you.  As cliche as it seems, don’t worry too much about the exterior, it’s the interior that one should be attracted to.

What tips do you have for keeping your millionaire happy?

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