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Measuring “Wealth”
  • Posted Feb 20, 2014


Prosperity isn’t simply defined by money. When dating millionaires, women must pay attention to the intangibles from which their partner’s riches were acquired. These qualities have clearly impacted the millionaire’s lives, and will surely impact the lives of their significant other.

Women who are both aware and empathetic to these millionaire archetypes, will commonly learn to acquire their own affluence. After all, knowledge is power, and success stems from power.

“Rich” isn’t a type of man on SeekingMillionaire–here, you will find that there is more to meets the eye with its wealth of wealthy suitors.

Here are a few noteworthy examples of these fine gentlemen:

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The Trust-Fund Baby

The world is his silver spoon, and he’s front row at the buffet. While this wealthy elite rarely experience the determination learned through financial struggle, they embody lavishness in all forms: what they eat, wear, and experience. This “1 percenter” is an expert at discerning actual problems from non-issues, so don’t expect to bag one if you’re a cynic.

A trust fund baby is also adept at acquiring taste. Because he is so demanding and expects the best, similar standards are necessary in order to be compatible. The sooner you eliminate “good enough” from your vocabulary, the sooner you’ll appreciate their demand for quality—especially in their own relationships.

Common Occupations: Investors, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs

Their Perfect Match: Tasteful Socialites, Impulsive Spendthrifts



The Tech Boomer

All it took was a streak of brilliance and boom: they’re rich. A technie may not be the most outgoing or charming individual, but he think slogically and with reason. If you enjoy sharing and exchanging ideas over coffee, then these Silicone Valley suitors are just your type.

When dating a tech boomer, expect to live comfortably, not lavishly. They spend within their means, and often use their excess earning to invest in their next project.

Common Occupations: CEOs, Developers

Their Perfect Match: Curious Learners, Intellectuals


The Free Spirit

Society greatly values a true artist’s vision. Their creations are lauded by the masses, as is shown by the price of their work. From big-name producers to professional photographers, these creators of culture provide a resource that can only be tapped by their own perspective. The free spirit’s uniqueness adds character, but can also present compatibility issues in any relationship.

A free spirit is the wild card of the wealthy community. For example, some like to spend their money on vices, while others like to indulge in fashion. An ideal partner must be accepting of their eccentricities and fully supportive of their endeavors, no matter how outrageous they may seem.

Common Occupations: Writers, Photographers, Directors, Painters

Their Perfect Match: Non-Conformists, Free-Spirited Bohemians, Travelers



The Wolf of Wealth

These men have an insatiable thirst for success, and will stop at nothing to accrue more fame and fortune. They are constantly striving to be a bigger and better person, plus their constant determination is something to marvel.

Whether they were born from wealth or raised by single parents, one thing holds true: these animals have a chip on their shoulder. They are driven by solid goals, and failure is never an option.

Wolves are no pushovers, and they are attracted to strong personalities. It takes a very understanding, independent, and similarly successful women to appreciate the fortune comes with such a focused mindset.

Common Occupations: Brokers, Investment Bankers, Analysts

Their Perfect Match: Independent, Determined Alpha Females


Have you dated any of these millionaire archetypes? What type of millionaire worked or didn’t work for you?

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