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Thanks for posting a comment Cougars Rule! Cougars do rule indeed. I have also realized that younger men are stallions in bed, but I’m on the opposi

te end of this dance as you, perhaps. Although I love their boddies, and usually – their endurance – younger men lack a certain level or, ‘type’ of genuineness I go for. Not saying younger men are less genuine than their older counterparts, they just haven’t learned how to let that wisedom show through their talk, and their actions.

Now, when I finish my degree, and open up my business, I will trancend the sugar baby/attractive female barrier and hopefully become a cougar myself; hot & in charge.

Thank you so much for sharing, Cougars Rule 😀

Here’s an update about my millionaire dance partner – we did a little more than dancing on our webcams the other night… let’s just say he’s got a thing for stopping and going, stopping and going, stopping and going. OK, I’ll save you the details people 😉

Though, I wish we could hurry up and meet in person, but like so many single millionaire men- he’s got a tight schedule. Keep your fingers crossed for me all :) Anyone have an experience they’ve had or something you’ve thought about money, dating and love you’d like to share?

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