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Millionaire Dating 101: Messaging


Some people write long, informative messages while others write short and sweet memos.

When looking to date a millionaire most of their messages tend to be upfront. I would consider it as somewhat a mix of Sugar Daddy and conventional dating. While they know exactly what they want and can explain this in a methodical manner, messages are laced with true emotion. Think business merger proposals meets online love letters.

What’s YOUR message style?

Do your messages sit well with you? Or do you find yourself editing them over and over again, never fully satisfied with the end result? If you answered yes to either question, you’ve experienced something Brandon Wade refers to as message anxiety.

Message anxiety is a major problem for many online daters. Some daters say that they’ve lost a chance at finding true love because of their inability to write and send messages in a timely fashion.

Here are a few steps to help ease the process and deliver a good message to your potential match:

1.       Read, Read and Read.

Our four dating websites are very different, but at their core online daters face the same problems. Read his or her profile and find key points to address. If they dedicate a paragraph to sky diving, talk about it in your message.

2.      Be Personal

Stop treating it like a resume. Sure, these men are business men, but the last thing they need is another talking head trying to get their attention.

3.      Call to action

Who says you have to wait for them to ask you out? End your message with a suggested first date. Make sure it’s something that they have expressed interest in on their profile.

With less anxiety, online dating becomes easier. All you need now is to find the perfect person.

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