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Millionaire Dating Blog- The only one?


So, are we the number 1 millionaire dating blog? You decide.

I thought I would check out the competition today

. I wanted to know what else is out there for those seeking millionaire dating advice. Let’s just say, the results were mixed. The millionaire dating concept is relatively new, so there aren’t that many existing articles or other forums specifically catered to it.

The most common concerns both millionaire daters, and those pursuing a millionaire date, are:

Does social status and wealth play too big a role in online dating?

What is the best way to find a millionaire?

How can I form a lasting relationship with a rich man, or woman?

The pulse of the millionaire dating scene is beating faster than ever, and perhaps this blog can help shed some light on the subject.

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46 Responses to “Millionaire Dating Blog- The only one?”

  1. RainbowRider41 says:

    Do nice guys really finish last? I’m not a Millionaire, should I be looking on this site? Although life has taken me down a different path, I have a lot to offer, even if the woman has money or not. As we all know money isn’t everything. Can a 41 single father with a 9 year old really find a woman who doesn’t mind another instant family?


  2. stephan says:


    I don’t think nice guys always finish last. But, finishing last isn’t always bad thing. I don’t want to get too ethereal here, but I think one advantage to being a good guy is that they can appreciate more than the material, linear and shallow rewards of what attaining the most wealth or any other social definition of ‘success’, or, ‘finishing 1st’ can bring.

    Wealth can be determined in many ways. There are plenty of men on seekingmillionaire who exemplify this fact. I’ve been very touched to read some of the more heartfelt profiles of the men on this site who see more to life than riches.

    As for whether or not a single 41 year old father with a 9 yr old kid can find a woman who’d be open to an instant family?….DEFINITELY! There are some women on this site, many of whom listed as “wealthy women”, who have spent the large part of their lives moving up the corporate ladder, and are now desperately wanting to live a more family centered life. It’s all about your outlook, wants, and, if your serious about finding an ideal partner- being able to stave off discouragement. If you can do that, I’m sure you’ll find the match your looking for.

    Care to let us know how your thinking progresses?

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