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Millionaire enough?

10 years ago
Millionaire enough?

The Measure of a million

In todays economy, everyone’s either trying to keep their millions, trying to make t

heir millions, or trying to date someone who has millions. We all want the dough. I’ll admit it – I’d rather curl up to my one true love if he’s got nice, firm, financial footing.

It’s not about the actual cash, (not a very warm snuggle buddy) but about what it can do. Isn’t it great to think that someday, maybe, you’ll have a partner to simply ENJOY LIFE with? Someone who might make it easier to explore this crazy, twisted, and money ruled world we live in.

The secret is… it works. I’ve lived most of my life looking at “the have’s” from the outside in. Being Costco card carrying member of “the have not’s”, I know how to appreciate a rich person with a good heart (an arguable rarity). Which is why it soothes me to read millionaire single’s profiles that show the deeper, truer side of a millionaire mogul.

It’s almost therapeutic.

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  1. Владимир Крылов says:

    Вот это да… Какой кошмар!

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