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Millionaire Marriages Last
  • Posted Jul 16, 2014


Finances have been cited by a multitude of sources as one of the top reasons for divorce.  We know from the 80’s hit by Cyndi Lauper, “Money Changes Everything,” and it certainly does.  Fortunately, for millionaires, marriage can sometimes be a bit easier.

Quality Time

Although most millionaires work long hours, it is likely they have earned some personal freedom with their professional status.  Beyond that, it is likely that their partner (ideally you) will not be working in a traditional office setting, as many millionaires are happy to support their partner.  A millionaire’s partner must be careful to dedicate a portion of this free time to maintaining the marriage through quality time spent together.

Gifting Guy

While it is said that money cannot traditionally purchase happiness, it certainly can assist along the way.  Millionaires may get tied up with work or travel, but, they will make it known that you are in their thoughts through random surprises.  These random acts of kindness may come in the form of a blue Tiffany & Co. box or first class to Paris. Regardless of the type or expense of a gift, it is an eloquent reminder of the love shared by the two of you.

Support Staff

Besides financial issues, stress can be one of the highest contributing factors in divorce.  Luckily, a portion of that stress can be alleviated through expense allocation for support staff.  If children are involved, a nanny can certainly assist by taking the kids to allow for more romantic time.  One must remember that kids are a vital factor in marriage and time must be appropriated to them as well.  Cleaning staff may assist in day-to-day home operations, but will also allow for a beneficiary to work on oneself – in turn, developing a more positive stance for the overall relationship.

We enter partnerships because we crave companionship and stability.  A millionaire marriage will encounter many of the same obstacles as a traditional marriage. However, the comfortability of a large bank account will certainly assist in the longevity of a union.

Do you think millionaire marriages last longer?


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  1. Nicole Leifson says:

    In this day and age gender roles can be as confusing as they are liberating. This article pin points a principle that any well rounded, educated person can understand; money provides stability, support, and tranquility for more time to dedicate to each other. While communication within a relationship is important, clearly stating goals and objectives within a profile allows us to use technology to start a relationship off on common ground. Thus, whether it be traditional marriage or any number of modern day arrangements, this post beautifully highlights our life of privileged courtship.

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