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Millionaire Mindset Key to Millionaire Love?


These days, it seems like the only people

who aren’t experts on becoming millionaires or billionaires are the actual millionaires and billionaires themselves. There are many self-proclaimed ‘wealth guru’s’ and money profits out there, but few of us ever seem to manage obtaining true wealth in the real world.

For those on SeekingMillionaire.com looking for a wealthy soul mate, the bridge between the have’s and the have-not’s may be much easier to cross. Why? Because millionaires are looking for love just like everyone else, and one thing that money can’t buy is love. Yet while money can’t buy love, it can certainly help foster it…

Here are some of the ways the beautiful and the wealthy are converging through shared mindsets on SeekingMillionaire.com:

Art and Culture:

A beautiful woman can only get so far with millionaire singles without a decent grasp of culture and art. Whether you’ve graduated from Julliard or a McDonnalds training center, the ability to keep a conversation with a millionaire about things a bit esoteric has many advantages:

  • The chance to connect with millionaire suitor about things they’re passionate about, such as history, geography, etc.
  • Having the air of being a cultured and worldly, which is a highly sought after quality for millionaires seeking mates.

Business and Finance

Over 80% of millionaires are self-made, and therefore most millionaires have gotten and/or maintained their wealth through keeping an interest in business and finance. Someone who’s ambitious about their own goals is frequently described in millionaire dating profiles as a highly desirable quality for an attractive mate. Here are some advantages of having some business and financial savvy when seeking a millionaire lover:

  • Having an understanding of how to negotiate a contract, structure an agreement, and seek an investor, may come in handy when meeting millionaires who could make one of your own business dreams come true.
  • Being able to follow a business centric topic in conversation will help you connect with many millionaire singles about a major part of their life; growing money!

Pleasure and Fun

Those who are seeking millionaires must have something to bring to the table, and not just good looks either. Knowing how you can bring pleasure and fun to the life of a person who has the money to buy plenty of pleasurable and fun experiences is a huge advantage in the millionaire dating game. If you aren’t aware of how you can spice up the life of your potential millionaire mate, then you’re setting yourself and your millionaire date up for disappointment. Here are some advantages of working the ‘pleasure and fun’ aspect of the millionaire mindset in your search for your rich husband:

  • Having the confidence that comes from knowing you are a stress-eliminating and not stress-educing person in your potential partners life will make you more attractive.
  • Having a fun and exciting vibe may spark the interest of a workaholic millionaire looking for that one gorgeous and happy addition to their life

Attractive Members: What do you think is your best non-physical quality a millionaire dater would seek?

Wealthy Members: Outside of the looks department, what qualities do you look for most in a serious mate?

How has your millionaire love search been going? Do you have any questions or would like some advice from fellow seekers?

11 Responses to “Millionaire Mindset Key to Millionaire Love?”

  1. dd says:

    “Wealthy Members: Outside of the looks department, what qualities do you look for most in a serious mate?”

    If you want I will write a guest blog post article about this.

    In short the qualities that I look for:
    1. Persistence, most girls on this site sign up, login for a few days and then never come back. Did you think getting a millionaire is easy? We got wealthy by being persistent. We will look for the same quality in our mates. I will never respond to some girl that signed up yesterday. If you have been on the site for many months or years I am more likely to respond.
    2. Character.
    3. Genuineness. Believe me millionaire online dating is infested with scammers who want to reach for our wallet. I have chatted with dozens of scammers, I have even baited some of them. And we have become adept at spotting scammers. And we are always looking for clues that will tell us whether we are chatting with a scammer or not. The most important clue is if she asks for some money or not within a few days or few months. That definitely is a scam clue. So never ever ask for money until after you get intimate.

  2. jay says:

    I fully understand the comments in this blog. I am saddened that there are shock horror, scammers [ and hookers] operating on this site , as it is extremely distasteful. However, the candour of respondents is useful and insightful.
    As an older SugarBabe I had been curious enough to check out ‘the competition’ by looking at the gallery. It was full of clearly gorgeous and beautiful ‘young’ SugarBabes . My heart sank as I immediately thought I didn’t stand a chance. Yet if I now consider some might not be all they appear, and my profile, by contrast, is very genuine and honest, most [self made] millionaires are clearly going to be INTELLIGENT millionaires – who can see beyond the obvious [or downright misrepresented].
    I would just add though, that this works both ways, and clearly a site like this can become a dishonest, sly or lazy man’s charter – and would be an easy way for a man [or woman] to ‘get intimate first’ without ever intending to uphold up his/her side of the arrangement. I know this is an age old dilemma! and it is equally difficult for a genuine and honest SB not be taken advantage of – it can denigrate ‘Seeking Millionaire’ to the same level as less savoury sites – but with the added disadvantage that expectations are probably much higher because of the ‘dazzle of wealth’ which could just as easily be a fraud/fantasy, embedded in the profile of a fraudulent SugarDaddy ‘posing’ as a wealthy man or woman. So – let’s be careful out there – there can be predatory and ultimately painful untruths and scams on both sides.
    SD’s – don’t be dazzled by just a pretty face! and SB’s – don’t be dazzled by perceived wealth! Keep hold of your senses and your judgement. If it looks too good to be true…..it often is.
    I think it’s very important to report any scammers so the folks at SM an look out for them and deal with them harshly.

    So…let’s be nice to each other , and good luck to every genuine person out there, hoping to make a positive difference in someone’s life.

  3. bb says:

    It’s an interested subject… and it’s not simple… my thought is that somebody who sign up to a site name seekingmillionaire, is looking for that… a millionaire… money… then the chances to find love out of that how big it can be? But then, I have been in a few dating sites myself, and found the risk that represents trying to meet somebody in this impersonal way… People can try to take advantage of you no matter if you have money or not, it could be to take you to bed when your interests are more serious, or it could be to get help to move out of their countries… the reasons are endless… to me the only way to know if something is real and worthy is interacting with people being authentic, if the other person is not sooner than later he will show you… I usually prefer somebody who have been for a short time in a dating site and ready to leave for the right person, than somebody who have been there for a long time… it usually make me feel that this person that have been in a dating site long time doesn’t want to commit, just want to keep jumping from one woman to another… but then, of course, I could be wrong… is good quality too to be selective…

  4. No way says:

    “So never ever ask for money until after you get intimate.”
    This is a ridiculous statement.

    It of course brings us to the the chicken or the egg, which comes first problem.
    But, in these times of STDs and who knows what else, I do not recommend jumping into bed before knowing a lot about the person.
    If he cannot wait to get in bed, then he is just after one thing.
    Alternatively, if he can show that he is sincere and capable, then a token gift should be the norm before getting intimate.

    Also, if he is not generous, then what is the point of being on this site. Being with a cheap millionaire may be worse than being with a generous average guy.
    really. I’ve dated both and the cheap millionaire is pathetic. It’s like dating a beautiful woman that always wears a fat suit. c’mon.

  5. BRU says:

    There are indeed cheap millionaires willing nothing else than using someone. But i can imagine the opposite is treu as well… Sbabies willing nothing more than money… Both ar fine as long as you both agree. But it seems clear to me that cheap millionaires are the most sneaky types on this website… they com with a lot of flair and enthousiasm and than basically ripp SB off… sounds quite rud but i m sure it happens. Had met one person like this and stopped contact. But never really met a great wealthy gentleman myself, honestly….

  6. Nazevyanga Membe says:

    Well I think it comes down to one thing…when you sing up here it’s assumed you want to get out of your third world country or you want money as if it could never be for love. The strange thing is that the millionaires are more likely to go for the scammer than they are of the decent girl. If you are of African decent you want their money, if you are from here you just want money. How does one actually find love? Those of us who have singed up on regular sites have found out that millionaires are still very much human. You have to be petite, stick thin, blond and such, but even if you are all that, you want their money. We are capable of love ( I am not sure whether that is good or bad). I have contacted some people because their profile has what I am looking for and what they say they are looking for but I am never given the time of day. The only ones that try to talk to me are the married ones….lol weird stuff! Money answers all things but it does not buy all things. I can carry on a conversation in just about any subject and at many, many levels but no one knows that because I am not petite and I am not tiny….and some others things. I am disease free (in fact NEVER had any STD) I am hoping for once I can meet someone who has everything and is just looking for love, someone who can say well…let me take a chance on her and not just brush me aside ….

  7. insertname says:

    I dont know what Im doing wrong. Not one profile view or message. I did not know I was that ugly and undesirable. Makes me rethink my whole outlook on life… Thanks Seeking Millionaire!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Zorah Wright says:

      Try to be more assertive… and remember to add some details that give your profile some depth and that illustrate your interests and character.

  8. SoManyMenSoLittleTime says:

    DD ~ Gee thanks for your guest blog post…lol but I’m totally suspicious. Who’s ‘WE” and why are you bating women?!?

    1. I don’t know why you cut people down who tried the site for a few days and did not continue for whatever reason. Maybe they found their millionaire or are not interested in this type of thing after all. I know I get blasted with emails and it’s a bit overwhelming to have 20 conversations at once with men I don’t know. It’s not difficult at all to meet men for dates when you first join. That seems to be when your profile is front and center and I get the most mail. Their are two schools of thought on the length of time here…one being yours and the other being that if you have been on here a long time are you really serious about finding someone, dating lots of people, or is something not quite right that. That does not mean yours is not true just that their is many ways to look at it.

    2. If you are a woman the rule of thumb is NEVER get intimate with someone until you are satisfied with what they have been providing for you because that is usually where you are setting the bar with him. Any real gentleman especially a millionaire will be happy to do so for a woman that he is genuinely interested and concerned with. So given that women cannot just be “giving it away” so to speak It would only make sense that a man of means is a good provider first and foremost. Since when did this change? On this site? Well you can always make more money but some things you just can’t afford to lose.

  9. Alice says:

    I hear you Zorah, but how long should my profile be? There’s a lot I’ve included, but I don’t want to sound repetitive, desperate or like a butt kisser. I’ve literally put myself out there on about 10 similar websites. There are a couple I’ll never have success on, because I can’t afford to upgrade my membership. It’s tiring filling out profile after profile, but I keep at it!

    • Zorah Wright says:

      My recommendation is that your profile not be long. Start with what what people say about you, and what of those things is of the most value to you- what you take most into consideration and think is important. This will tell a lot about your character and your values. Say what you like to do, really, and describe it in an intellectual, intelligent way. Do not put the same old stuff that everyone else puts on their profile and make it interesting enough for them to want more… intrigue… think about what makes you interesting to yourself and focus on those aspects.

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