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Millionaire Personalities 101


Alright, so you decided you want to grow with a millionaire, now the question is what breed of millionaire best fits your lifestyle? Whether you are looking to live the fast life, or settle down with a family, we have the secret to cracking each millionaire personality.

The Poker Player

If you have a love for the fun and extravagant, consider a millionaire who leaves everything to luck. Although playing poker is risky, many players make it big, huge in fact. It is a life full of fame, large lump sums of cash, and travel for those who can’t get enough of the cards. These millionaires love the fast life — With these adrenaline junkies you will never be bored.

The Heir or Heiress

This may prove to be one of the more difficult type of millionaires to meet and impress. Heirs and Heiresses are used to living an elite lifestyle since day one, take 1960’s star Edith Sedgwick for example. In the 2006 movie Factory Girl, you see this heiress rise to the top, and quickly plummet to the bottom as her experiences with Andy Warhol spin her life out of control. These individuals are under ample pressure between their family’s expectations, and that of the media. Just like the life of dating a poker player, you will be experiencing the fast life, but there may be a price to pay. If you decide to date someone of this caliber, just remember to be both patient and understanding of their needs.

dating a young poker player

The Business Owner

Think smart, sophisticated and very goal oriented. Business owners are ideal for Type A personalities, but may not have much time for the individuals they date or marry. While some executives choose to hire right-hand colleagues to run their company, other millionaires see their business as their baby and spend long nights at the office. If you don’t want someone by your side all the time, and are looking for a mentor, a business owner may be perfect for you.

The Success Investor

Think about the male and female “sharks” found on ABC’s popular show Shark Tank. If you are looking for someone who is smart with their money and great with numbers, go for an investor. These people take great care of their needs, and have ample money to put appropriate places. Although they will not be as spontaneous as the poker player, they will always keep you guessing, and have plans made in advance, which is perfect for a family or long-term dating.

The Modest Millionaire

Then we have the millionaire who keeps things simple. Sure, he has enough money in his bank accounts to constantly sport designer clothing and drive the latest car, but he chooses not to go this route. If you want to stay low key, this is the way to go.

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