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Millionaire Style


You don’t need to be a millionaire to date a millionaire, but you should have millionaire style. Millionaire style does not need to cost you a few paychecks, but here some tips that can will help you if you stay true to them. It’s true that some people are born stylish. Others achieve it, but it must come from within and that means you’ve got to believe it!

Fashion and style are not the same thing, fashion fades and style remains. It comes from within and once you have found yours be consistent. Trendy is not something I would recommend. It has a tendency to make you look like everyone else and as if you are missing the core ingredient – personality!

I’ve seen many people work with their assets and keep the attention focused on what they have vs. drawing attention to what they don’t. They came off as thoughtful and well-put-together. You don’t need to be a fashionista to know that appearance counts it is the first thing that people see, and their reaction comes from you. Notice Coco’s posture and attitude… that says a lot in itself.

When should you not care about what you wear? When you are in bed (alone), in the gym or any other situation where the little shop of horrors can be explained away! If dressing well can get you a better job, be more believable, have better sex, and affect your self esteem then perhaps you should consider it.

Developing your own style is important, but it is that same as painting or writing or any other profession of perfection. Take your first lessons from the masters. It is best to create a sense of style for yourself that will not be affected by trends. The tricks are timeless.

There are many women who will put their name on the waiting list for a dress, a pair of shoes, a handbag. A woman with style is not one of them. To buy into this you need a fleshy pocket book (how distasteful) or a spouse who is willing to dump hard earned cash into your quest to fit in… every month or so. Or you can buy a lot of cheap clothes… but then cheap clothes always look cheap. You have to be exceptionally stunning or young to make that work.

In order to stop grasping, take a step back and look in the mirror. What are the best things about your appearance? Take a look in your wardrobe. How many things have sat there untouched or unused because they were ‘just not quite right”? This is probably an indicator of the style that is really in you not what you bought that was on sale. Pull those items out and take a look.

Here are a couple of tips to get started.

  1. Retro clothes are not stylish
  2. Vintage is another word for costume
  3. Vintage is another word for overpriced and perhaps ‘old’
  4. Vintage people were shorter than most of us… so are their clothes
  5. Don’t buy vintage shoes if you are squeamish about feet.

Do not be brainwashed by fashion … style is what you need and what will always belong to you! This is part of a series that we will be addressing on how to make an impression that lasts- be unforgettable.

What questions do you have about style?

Have you ever noticed how some things always look new on certain people?

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  1. It is so true what you say about your personality should be reflected in your style.

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